Sunday, January 26, 2014

President Mecham recently asked us to switch our mission assignment from CES (Church Educational System) Specialists to help out in the mission home as Office Specialists. We gladly accepted and are excited to serve in the mission home and help with all the needs of the missionaries. Our mission will begin two weeks sooner than originally called. We are discovering that there is an increasing need for more couple missionaries.

Recently reached out and spoke with John S. Zarbock, future Guam/Micronesia Mission President. Enjoyed hearing about his excitement to serve with his wife Kathy. Enjoyed briefly talking about our missions when we were younger. John said he served in the Nagoya Japan mission and I (Mike) served in the Kobe Japan mission.

So many things to get ready as we plan for this upcoming adventure.  Only 38 things currently on our to-do list.

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