Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A "Mighty" wonderful Zone Conference and Easter week

Sister Martin and I enjoyed our first Zone Conference today. President and Sister Mecham both spoke and gave wonderful talks. President Mecham talked about the Book of Mormon story about Ammon and the four sons of King Mosiah wanting to preach the gospel to their enemy the Lamanites. Everyone laughed at them which discouraged them but they were determined to go.

The results were that thousands were converted to Christ, and they buried their swords and became a peaceful people. He talked about them being thrown into prison and being stoned. See Mosiah Chapter 28 and Alma Chapter 26:23-31. President Mecham said that a few of our missionaries, Sisters and Elders, have been stoned and even one was put in prison for a short time where he taught the gospel there.
April, May and June Happy Birthday song

He also mentioned that everyone needs to get out of their comfort zone and invite everyone to come unto Christ, and commit them to a baptism date during the first lesson on the restoration. He reminded and recommitted the missionaries of the goal they set to have a thousand people baptized in 2014. We then did some roll playing to practice some of the things we learned. It is difficult to express the wonderful spirit that was there and the great messages given.

Several of the missionaries that would be going home before the next conference. bore strong testimonies. One that especially touched both of us was Elder Billy Bunn's testimony of the Book of Mormon. He knew it was true and we both knew that he knew, as the peaceful, warm spirit touched us.

After a fun Dominos Pizza lunch, we went outside the church and took pictures of the whole group.

A week ago Sunday afternoon we went to Tagachang beach. It is a beautiful area and several families were there.

While walking along the beach we stopped and talked to a man originally from the island of Chuuk.
Tagachang Beach
We introduced ourselves as missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He said he has always wondered why both of his parents had to die so young. We talked to him some about it.

We gave him a Plan of Salvation pamphlet in English (should have had a Chuukese one) and gave him our contact information. We should have got his but we're learning. He said he comes to this beach every Sunday afternoon so perhaps we'll see him again.

Tagachang Beach

Last Saturday we went to Ipan beach to try a little snorkeling. It was very shallow and so it was difficult to maneuver around very easily.

Sister Martin Under Water
We had fun, saw some neat fish, got a little sunburned (areas that we missed with sunscreen) and then we walked down the rocky beach with our water shoes on to protect our feet.

Later that day we went to one of several baptisms on the island. Sister Martin was asked to give a talk on the Holy Ghost at the last minute, since some people came, late waiting for a ride to the church.

The day after on Easter Sunday, Elder Martin taught the Sunday School lesson on Numbers Chapters 11-21 about Moses and the Israelites, Manna, Fiery Serpents, the 12, the 70 called to help Moses, etc. That evening we had Easter dinner at President and Sister Mecham's home (the Mission Home).

A great week.

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