Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Baptism in the Ocean - On the Air force Base

Elder and Sister MacCabe
Since Guam has an Air force Base and a Navy Base, our mission has Elder MacCabe (retired military) and his wife, Sister MacCabe. They are both in their 80's and are exciting to be around.

To keep themselves active they train for and run 5k's from time to time. They have only just been married a couple of years. Elder MacCabe has been on about 10 missions including areas of the middle east like Jordan (he speaks Arabic like my cousin Keith Martin).

Anyway, they offered to take us to a baptism for two in the ocean last Saturday, and we said sure. The service began in an open/covered pavilion. A person gave a short talk on baptism which was great.

The ocean was a little loud so it was hard to hear her and the opening prayer which was very soft spoken. There was quite a large attendance of mostly Air Force military and their families.
The surf was definitely bigger today but that didn't seemed to deter them from going into the water. It was not a typical swimming type of beach, and they had it reserved,
so no one else was around.

It all went great and we left with a wonderfully uplifted spirit. Opportunities for spiritual highs are very plentiful on our mission.

After the baptismal service was over, the MacCabes drove us to nice beach, where we walked around for a few minutes.
We would have gone swimming but it was a little rough so we decided to come back another day. They then drove us around the base where we saw various fighters and bombers, a golf course, homes for the Air Force families, commanders, officers, stores, etc. No garages or garage doors like the Navy base has, where we did some Martin Garage Doors a couple of years ago. A very nice place indeed.

On our next blog we will talk about a lady who walked in the mission office, seeking the truth and finding it.  

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