Sunday, April 6, 2014

Eagerly Engaged in Office Essentials

In the morning we try to take walks as often as possible.

Here are some pictures of our last walk near the motel we were staying at. 

Our daily schedule for the office is Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm. But sometimes we stay until almost 7pm or possibly leave early at about 4:30pm. Sometimes we may go in the office on Saturdays or Sundays as well. It all just depends on the work load or what is happening.

This week has whizzed by. We have been very busy at the office. Sister Martin has been working on letters, recording baptisms, coordinating various things with the mission president, booking flights for Missionary Leadership Conference here in Guam where all of the Zone leaders come in for training. All of the inter-island flights for transfers and the letters for Entry Permits to the FSM were also done by Sister Martin.
Sister Prince and Sister Martin in the office

Elder Martin worked on petty cash reconciliation, a car crash report, Visa and Master card charges, refunding Zone check books after checking receipts off, two check runs paying all of the weekly bills, purchasing a microwave and other supplies for apartments, buying water filters, buying Japanese and Tagalog (Filipino) Books of Mormon (we stock over 10 languages), sourcing auto parts and tires, got a car repair estimate, picked up a check from the insurance adjusters, and putting together a PowerPoint presentation for the Zone Leaders on vehicle safety training.

Both of us take the incoming phone calls from vendors, missionaries, concerned parents, auditors, and many others. We also go and shop for supplies following the apartment inspections. This week we will do vehicle registrations and whatever else comes our way. It’s like running a small business.

Taking a break for lunch outside the office
After long days in the office, we come home make dinner and clean up dishes. We do some laundry and other cleaning. Monday nights we have Family Home Evening with the other seniors. This week it was at Sister McClellen’s. She had a birthday party for Elder Martin. She made a strawberry shortcake birthday cake and we played a drawing game. Sister Martin hung up birthday signs and made a wonderful German chocolate cake  and took it to the office to share with whoever came by.

Last Sunday morning Elder Martin accompanied a younger missionary to Tokyo. Sister Martin stayed in Guam and enjoyed church, and later spent some time with Sister McClellan, the mission nurse, who is single. Since the AP’s (assistants to the President) were on the island of Kosrae, over a thousand miles away, they asked us to help at the office on Sunday night at 9:30pm, as the Zone leaders call in all of their teaching and baptism stats.  Sister Martin did that until around 11:00pm and then waited until Elder Martin arrived at the airport later. The flight from Tokyo arrived at about 1:00am Monday morning.

Thanks to Heavenly Father for another great week. We love the Lord and love the people we are serving. The restored gospel of Jesus Christ is true, and we are blessed to be part of it.

Our next blog will show pictures of the baptism in the ocean.

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