Wednesday, April 23, 2014

More Video Phone Calling with Grandchildren

This past week we had the opportunity to link up with 3 more families and happy grandchildren. We, the grandparents, were especially happy to see them.

The first one we called was Stephanie. No one else in their family could join us except for a brief hello to foster boy, Austin. We really missed seeing Dave and grandson Oliver. But we had fun catching up with what's going on in their lives.

Then we talked to Ronda and Nate who are temporarily staying in the Hossfield's basement.

A few of the Hossfields jumped into the call which was fun. Aubrey showed us a sock bunny, one of many that she recently made.

Nate told us about a new Soccer Goalie coaching school he is considering. Ronda looked excited about this idea.

We then told Ronda and Nate we were taking screen shot photos of our call and they laughed because they just woke up.

It was 11pm for us but 7am for them.

We think they look great, don't you?

The next day we actually called the Hossfields (upstairs) and we were all excited to see each other.

We had too much fun talking with their family.

They just had breakfast with Utah State Senator, Thatcher.

Shannon then mentioned that she had just been selected as a state delegate.

Heidi and Sam added some interesting photo ops.

A week ago, we invited all of the Senior missionaries over for family home evening. We popped popcorn and watched a short missionary work video. Then we watched an old movie called "Inn of the Sixth Happiness". The movie is based on a true story about a woman who wanted to be a missionary in China, but wasn't qualified according to her church. She went anyway and made a big difference for good, helping many people. In one instance, she helped save and move over 100 little children out of a war zone. We all thought that our missions were less dramatic and shorter than her life long one.

We had fun with everyone.

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