Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Saving Souls and Lives in the Philippines

We've been following several blogs and of course our favorite is my Sister and Brother in law's blog, ElderandSisterRoberts.blogspot.com. We have their mission call and blog post card on our refrigerator.

As we mentioned before, we were in the MTC together and enjoyed the spirit there together.

They are currently serving the people and saving souls in the Urdaneta, Philippines Mission. This is around 1500 miles from Guam, where we are serving.

I mentioned to them a Martin Door story of how a Martin Garage Door saved a persons life in the Philippines. They asked me to try and find it and send it to them. I found the clip, so here it is.

I took this picture of David Martin, my father, and our dealer while on a business trip to the Philippines back in 2003. The story was written by business associate and friend, Antone Clark.

Elder Dennis Roberts is the owner of Robert and Sons Garage Doors in Central Utah.

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