Saturday, May 3, 2014

Escorted on Base by Captain MacCabe (retired)

We took a break from the office on Tuesday afternoon. Elder and Sister MacCabe picked us up and we headed south to the Navy Base.

The first area we went to was the officer's housing area. We asked to drive by this area to see a few Martin Garage Doors that were installed a few years ago.
I remember the typhoon/wind rating that these doors had to be certified at in the Martin Door factory.
I took a few pictures for old time sake as I used to take all of the door photographs as part of my job for Martin Doors. It was a perfect cloudy day which shows the picture detail the best without the harsh shadows from the bright sunlight.

The Navy picked a special color just for this project that we called Dark Chocolate. It had to be powder coated in the factory this special color.

We waved to one of the church members that the MacCabe's knew while driving through the neighborhood.

We then went to the main entrance of the Navy base and went through their strict background check in order to get a one day pass.
After about 20 minutes we were on our way.

Barracks are really nice
We drove around looking at various barracks, stores, and many other buildings. Perhaps another time we may see some ships or subs if we're lucky.

At around 5:00 pm the MacCabes asked us if we have time for dinner. We said yes so they took us to an Irish restaurant/pub called Molly McGee's. Very interesting and quite good food. Sister Martin had a spinach chef salad and Elder Martin had traditional fish and chips, although we shared some of each. This place is very busy later in the evenings. The detailed wood decor made the restaurant very authentic looking, reminding us of our visit to Ireland.

We enjoyed this fun place.

After dinner we decided to go back to the office for a few minutes before going home.

Elder and Sister MacCabe help with the vehicle inspections that we do every month. 
They inspect about half of the cars. 
On the last Monday of every month, missionary p-day, we try to get the vehicle inspections done.
Elder Johnson and Elder Ashcraft

Everyone is washing and vacuuming their cars on that day, getting them ready for the upcoming month. Many like to play basketball in the church parking lot.

Such enthusiasm and energy.
Elder Bunn, Sister Warner, Elder Hadder, Sister Ande, Edler Pitiol

These young men and women are top notch missionaries, giving 1 1/2 to 2 years of their time to the Lord Jesus Christ's work on Earth, mostly at their own expense. They could be in college or starting a carrier. They truly love the people and the restored church and gospel. There are about 80,000 full time missionaries currently serving across the world. The work is worth it. The work is true.

More young missionary on p-day.
A member?, Elder Pita, Elder Eyre, Elder Krueger, Sister Warner, Elder Hadder, Sister Ande

Elder Hadder, Elder Krueger, Elder Bunn, Elder Luong

Elder Krueger, Elder Bunn, Elder Siren, Elder Luong, Elder Bailing, Sister Rotuk

Elder Luong, Sister Rotuk, Elder Eyre, Sister Warner

A little local news...
The temperature in Mangilau town where we live ranges from high 70's to the lower 90's. We've been getting more rain lately. The rainy season is coming up next month so we wonder what it will bring.

The Marriott Hotel just pulled out of Guam and is now the Pacific Star Resort. Some of the senior couples like to stay there when they come to the Couples Conference every six months. The island still has a Hilton and many other nice resorts and hotels.

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