Sunday, May 4, 2014

We've finally reached all 8 families by video call

Last but not least...
Enjoyed our first video call with the Jones family.

We began with new baby Jack. He had just woke up and was very happy.

Then a little spit-up but no problem.
Tell us all about it...

Then Henry joined in, very sleepy.

It was 7:00 am Utah time and they had stayed up late with Ronda and Nate the night before.

Then Drew started telling us about what he was doing. Drew and Henry are both in Soccer and their coach is their mom, Heather. They are also both doing swimming and gymnastic lessons.

Grandpa then pulled out the one and only toy he brought on his mission, bought in a mall with Drew, Henry and Heather present. It was a small car, one of those kind you roll backwards and then it shoots forwards. Then Grandpa asked them, if they could only pick one toy to take somewhere for a long time, what would they bring.

Henry was very quick to respond..."Legos".

Then he quickly ran to get the lego box and showed us what was inside.

Both Drew and Henry started putting together various Lego toys to show us how fun they are.

We had fun watching them.

We love all of our children and grandchildren and miss them a lot.

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