Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ants, Tarzan Falls, and "Coming unto Christ"

Our apartment has food, no crumbs, very clean...but still ants.

Even the outside of our car was covered in ants today while driving. Ant killers slow them down for a while but they keep coming back.

They are tiny scouting ants. All at once you think you feel them crawling up your leg, but look down and nothing is there. I think they must be traveling between the neighboring apartments. Perhaps we'll try caulking. Quite the different climate in Guam with different bugs. We're glad we haven't seen any cockroaches yet.

Saturday morning we headed out for Tarzan Falls. The sign at the trail-head said 1.4 miles. Looks like a Boy Scout Troop was involved in fixing it up or something.

This hike started down hill. Part way down we came to an overlook. Bishop Davis mentioned all of things in the distance including: channel 10 antenna array on top of a mountain, Sigua Falls, Alutom Falls, a tank farm (a place where you can hike to see a bunch of WWII tanks), a huge Japanese resort called Leo Palace with a full size soccer field, and much more.
 We could see the ocean and also buildings near our apartment from the lookout.

Many of the sights, like the tank farm, were hidden by the trees so we'll have to take another hike out there someday.

View at the top of Tarzan Falls looking down
About another 15 minutes and we made it to the top of Tarzan Falls.
Sister Martin at the top

Marthalina also came with us.

Within the week she said she was very excited to travel to Hawaii, Utah and Idaho with ward members on a trip. The main purpose she said was to go do baptisms for the dead in the temples.

There was an old rope to help you to the bottom (perhaps that's why they called it "Tarzan") but we decided to take the trail down. Agile Marthalina used the rope.

There were large pools of water at the bottom that were a little slimy, so we decided not to swim.
Elder and Sister Martin at Tarzan Falls

Bishop Davis, Marthalina, Sister Martin

After drinking our bottled water and talking for a while by the water fall we headed back.

Another fun hike.

Sunday was a beautiful day. We headed down to the Talisay Ward, the ward with a view of the ocean. Another great day.
Micronesia Guam Sister Missionary apartment - Left, Talisay Chapel and ocean in the background

Last year the missionaries made a goal to find, teach and baptize 1000 people in 2014. They called it the year of mighty miracles. As of May the number had reached 429 year-to-date. There is a great sense of focus on this goal and an amazing love for the people to share the greatest message the world...that God loves all people, we are his children, and the true Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored.

Below are a couple of examples of what is happening in June: Two Sundays ago, two of the younger missionaries, Elder Walters and Elder Seguin, asked us to try and reserve a full bench for a family of 10 that was on there way to church. We moved forward a row and just then President and Sister Mecham sat there. We mentioned to them that a family of ten was just walking in the door, and they gladly moved to different seats as well. A beautiful family sat down, all dressed up. We found they were originally from Chuuk and were investigating the church.

Update...Last Sunday we found out that they nine of the ten had all committed to be baptized in July.

I was randomly looking at different areas of the mission and noticed that on one day, 12 people were baptized in Nett, a small village on the island of Pohnpei (this is the place mentioned earlier in our blog that had a shelter for their chapel). I asked around and was told two families had come to Christ and were baptized in that village.

We love the work. It's amazing that all 112 younger missionaries and the nearly 20 senior missionaries in the Micronesia Guam Mission don't get paid to do missionary work. Most have saved for years to afford to pay for all of the expenses themselves. This also goes for the nearly 80,000 other missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, who are serving around the world.

A fun way to end this blog...Last Friday, Sister Martin enjoyed a Relief Society, Ice Cream Social. A fun event for the sisters in the Barrigada Ward.

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  1. Heres the answers that matter. Stop preaching to people and really make a difference by cleaning up some of the trash on Guam. Get solar energy. Create affordable housing and land for non Chamorros. Work to end discrimination and poverty on the island. Get the military to clean up waste on the large amounts of land they own. Get Guam on par with other US states. Stop corruption in govt here. Help the people get on their feet, get voting rights for people on Guam for US elections. Clean up the beaches and get rid of Diesel fuel;invest in solar, wind, and hydro power options for Guam =)