Saturday, June 7, 2014

Coconut Festival and the Mango Festival...but we missed the Crab Festival

About a month ago we went to the Coconut Festival in the village of Inarajan, about a 20 min. drive south of our apartment. These festivals are usually about food, vendors, and sometimes a queen is selected.

When we arrived at the coconut festival, we walked around and then enjoyed a demonstration on all the uses for coconuts. See picture showing a knife, fork, spoons, a soup ladle, cups, hair clips, tools, etc.

Then they showed us how coconut leaves are used to make mats, place mats, bags, hats, etc.

Inarajan is on the south east of Guam, on the coast.

We also saw this cool statue/monument. We enjoyed a nice slice of pizza made in an old stone oven and then drove back to Mangilao.

Yesterday started out to be a slow moving P-day. Then the Hursts came by and said they locked their keys to the car and apartment inside. They said they were on there way to a wedding. We offered that they take our car so they wouldn't be late, since they were asked to offer advice to the bride and groom.

Then we decided to go to the wedding also and go in Sister McClellan's car with the wedding cake she made. It was a nice wedding with lot's of fun advice given, tons of food and deserts, and good company.

After the wedding we went back to our apartment to do laundry and clean.

Then we had an opportunity to go to another baptism. There are several on Guam every Saturday. The work is progressing so rapidly here it's amazing.

Chelsea is ten years old. Her mom was baptized just a couple of weeks ago. Other investigators, currently considering baptism, also attended.

Then in the evening we went to the Mango Festival. It was in Agat, also by the ocean.

The first thing we bought was a Mango/Strawberry slushy drink. Not bad.

Then we watched part of the selection of the Mango Queen. I think they were all under 10 years old.

They had really big Mangos.

And all types and kinds of Mangos, displayed various ways.

Ah-Oh, look where your going.

Then we looked out over the ocean...beautiful!

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