Sunday, June 1, 2014

More video calls to Children/Grandchildren - Fun - Fun

Over this past month we've enjoyed a few more video calls with family. One of our favorite things to do so we decided to post for all to see.

Starting off with the Winterton Family. Xadrian wanted to tell us about helping to move dirt in the backyard with his wheel barrow. Then he talked about his fishing trip, and catching a big fish. Christian said he was more excited than Christmas morning. Little Kendrix had gone to bed.

Then we talked to the Davis Family. Carol told us more about finishing her Doctorate degree in Occupational Therapy. Her new title is Dr. Davis or Carol Davis O.T.D. She wasn't able to walk for her graduation, so the family surprised her by setting up a graduation ceremony at the church. She said it was so wonderful she could hardly hold back the tears.

Becca and Diana told us all of their latest news, like dancing and a field trip they were looking forward to.


It was good to see Bryson too, although very briefly.

Next we talked to the Hossfields. They had a lot going on.

They were all excited about their Jr. Ranger books that they worked on at a National Park. they mentioned Ronda and Nate also went.

They told us all of the interesting things they did.

Even Heidi was excited to show us her book.

And we were excited to see all that they showed us.

Shannon told us more about her home schooling and her journey to find and choose which of the many great resources/methods she will use.

Seth then began teasing Shannon about using her hands to talk.

We had a lot of fun listening to all they had to say.

Then we connected with the Sparti family.

Gage had a lot to tell us this time.

He showed us his Spiderman night light.

He was happy to tell us about his big fish he caught.

Grace tried to help Gage show us how big the fish was.

Gavin was practicing for  a dance festival at his school dancing to the new popular song "Happy". He and Grace were selected for the swim team.

Aliza and Lindsay painted the boys room while they were out fishing. Aliza is going to start playing her flute in the fall.

We also talked to the Milners. Dave is working a lot of hours now, but their new exciting news was their new purchase-a sailing boat.

Oliver had already gone to bed. Apparently they were up late the night before camping. Stephanie was playing with her hair.

We are so lucky to get to talk with our family about once a month. We love them all. We love the Lord

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