Thursday, June 12, 2014

"Oh Happy Day" - When we get to see and listen to family

One fun evening about 11pm, 7am in Utah, we talked to the Jones family.

Starting out was little baby Jack...what a cutie.

He was smiling and talking and wide awake.

Next, Drew told us he was happy to have graduated from Kindergarten.

Then Henry showed us his Monster truck he received for his 4th b-day. Wow.

It was also a Lego party. Heather said they had about 20 kids over.

Henry then said he gave his friend Star Wars Play dough at a friend's party.

Drew told us he caught two fish.

Henry and Drew then both started showing us their gymnastic back flips using Heather's exercise ball.

And because they both swim good they told us about jumping off the high dive.

Too much fun. But then we had to say goodbye...They were off to Drew's swim team practice.

Then we talked to the Winterton family.

When Xadrian finally woke up he started telling us about their fun camping trip to Topaz mountain.

He said he found Obsidian rocks.

 But hurt his knee falling out of his toy John Deer 4 wheeler.

He said he was going fast.

Christian showed us their yard with an Iris and tree they planted, fire pit, garden, etc. He talked about the great feeling of finishing the yard...for now.

And then showed us his College Associates Degree certificate...Yea!

Then Xadian wanted to give little Kendrix a hug.

Debbie talked about their fun time at Topaz, camping. She then mentioned about having to leave town for work again soon.

Then little Kendrix had to tell us all that is happening in his busy life.

Like learning to walk...yes, walking. We thought he wanted to say he was ready to go places.

That was really fun to see them all. A beautiful family. The Wintertons.

We enjoyed this great video that Kristine and Newell put together about Newell's elementary school music classes, showing all the great kids he had the opportunity to teach.

Check out the video  Newell Bullen, Music Teacher, Composer, Choral Conductor

Of course we talked to the Bullen's and had fun with them.

Baby Ginny was doing OK but a couple of weeks go had to go back to the Hospital for more tests and procedures. We keep praying for her.

Newell mentioned going to interviews for various music related employment opportunities.

Sleepy Laura Klein was slower to join in on the conversation.

She talked about her friends and having fun.

Kristine talked about playing her oboe and Newell talked about getting involved in the Heber Utah Stake for music.

We had a lot of fun talking to the Bullen's...a wonderful family.

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