Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Couples Conference and a Farewell to Sister McClellan

The Senior Couples from Chuuk, Kosrae, Yap, Palau and Pohnpei came to Guam to have a conference. Enjoy the pics.

Unforgettable - Elder and Sister Chandler, Elder and Sister MacCabe

Elder and Sister Hurst, left, gave amazing talks on family history

Elder and Sister Strothers are great entertainers

It consisted of three full days, July 15-17. Much of it was focused on Seminary and Institute training because most of the couples are directly involved with those programs.

We enjoyed spending extra time with Elder and Sister Crisp from Chuuk

Elder and Sister Curtis from Kosrae

We loved the testimonies of those that will be departing in the next few months. They testified of truth and their love of the Lord's work on the earth. After hearing them, we were filled with the spirit of God. Sister Curtis shared her testimony about how she was born in Germany and came to the States as a young girl. She later served a mission in Germany as a single sister. She shared an experience of giving a Restoration pamphlet to a Catholic Cardnial. He had just returned from a long journey and said that he would like to talk to them later. They made an appointment for the next day. He stayed up all night reading the pamphlet. The next day when she went to see him. The housekeeper said that she checked with him before going to bed and he was reading the pamplet. When she saw him again in the morning, he was still sitting in the chair with the pamphlet across his chest. He had passed away. The Curtis' volunteered to serve for 23 months, so they will be here until after we depart.

During the last day we all had fun, especially the part where we divided into groups and helped teach each other (none of us were falling asleep).

In just a few minutes each group had to come up with a poster and a jingle to teach others the assigned topic. "Line upon Line"

We were amazed with the performances in so short a time.

Elder Jung, an area seventy from Korea, and Brother Nicerio over the S&I program in Micronesia participated in all of the activities with us.

Looking forward to the next conference in January of 2015.

Farewell to Sister McClellan, our mission nurse specialist.

Her "Last Request" was that all the seniors in Guam go down to the park for FHE (Family Home Evening), watch the sunset, and eat Chinese food.

We all met at the Statue of Liberty Park (Paseo de Susana) just two days before she flew home to Florida.

President Zarbock mentioned we should go there more often

After the chinese food, Sister Martin unveiled this farewell cake with a coconut flavor that tasted great.

The pictures show the rest.
Sister McClellan watching the sunset with Elder and Sister Hurst

This next picture needed a slogan. I showed this picture to Sister Warner, one of our sister missionaries serving in Yigo, Guam and she said President Zarbock's slogan is, "Give 'em Heaven". 

We had a fun time and will miss her a lot. Her service was second to none.

In the short time Sister Martin and I have had the opportunity to get to know Sister McClellan, we have grown to love her. She is an amazing example to us all. We love her unwavering testimony of the Savior. Each time she talks of Christ and the restored gospel we feel the love of God and the warm peaceful spirit of the Holy Ghost.

In a recent talk, she shared her initial mission application comments. She remembered writing "Nurse" as a side note, preferring to serve using her other talents like drawing and art, etc. She has not only been an amazing Mission Nurse to the young missionaries, but has had the opportunity to do a lot of artwork, such as the bus stops, and last week's Relief Society activity table cloths and wall decorations with a pioneer theme. These were mentioned in earlier blogs. She has made many wedding cakes for investigators wanting to get married before they are baptized.

It will literally take two people to replace her. Instead of a single sister nurse, we have a senior couple that just arrived to take over the nursing in the Micronesia Guam Mission, Elder and Sister Guercio.

We wish Sister McClellan joy and happiness on whatever she decides or is called to do in the future.

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