Saturday, July 19, 2014

Baptisms and Pioneers

We have enjoyed seeing some great people enter the waters of baptism the last few weeks here in Guam. Enjoy the pictures. I wish this blog could convey the down-pouring of the spirit we are blessed to feel as these wonderful people are baptized.
Elder Hatch (from the U.S.) and Elder Hunter (from the U.S.) working in Talofofo

A great family attended the baptism to support their son's decision

Elder Pita (from the U.S) and Elder Baliling (from the Philippines) working in
Merizo, and Brother Willie Albert far right

Elder Seguin (from Canada) on the right
Elder Krueger (from New Zealand) and Elder Hokao (from Vanuatu)
At a Relief Society function, Sister Martin was asked to give a presentation about her Pioneer Ancestors. July 24, 1847 is the date the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints remembers the arrival of our faithful pioneers who began arriving in the Salt Lake Valley.

Daniel A. Miller and Hannah Bigler are Sister Terry Martin's Great Great Great Grand Parents. Her presentation covered various highlights such as when they converted to the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints they demonstrated their faith in Jesus Christ despite their persecutions and challenges. The Biglers stopped by Hauns Mill, just missing the attacking mobs, arriving a few hours later. Find out more at  Family Search Web Site

Below is a map I created to help her show the timeline.

Dr. John M. Bernhisel
It's interesting to note that the Millers were part of the Brigham Young Company. This was Brigham Young's last trek to Salt Lake.

Dr. John M. Bernhisel, Great Great Great Grand Father to Elder Michael Martin, arrived shortly after them in the Heber C. Kimball Company, also in September of 1848.

We are grateful to our ancestors and their testimonies and perserverance of courage, and for not turning back or giving up. We draw strength from their examples as we face our challenges.

Barrigada Relief Society Pioneer Event for July 2014 -
Artwork by Sister McClellan

The Barrigada ward Relief Society hosted the Pioneer event.

Several sisters brought a variety of food. Sister Roberts did a candle making demo. All of the sisters walked 10 times around the cultural hall, dipping their wicks in wax until candles started to form.

Many more performed and participated. A fun party for all who attended.

More Pictures...

Sister Vave (From Tonga) and Sister Kolini (from Papau New Guinea) also came

See candles

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