Thursday, July 31, 2014

Exploring Guam's beauty - Feeding Missionaries - Storm "Halong"

30" of rain in July and still raining
Last weekend we looked forward to this fun break away from the office, which provided a little exercise as well. We totally love this mission, on call literally 24-7. While I began writing this blog at 10pm, we received a call from the assistants to the President requesting a flight for a missionary that the President wanted to come to Guam ASAP. Sister Martin made the flight immediately.

This P-Day was on July 21st, Guam's (WWII) Liberation day. There was a big parade but we decided on a hike.

We started out intending to go to Sella Bay, a 3 hour hike and rated moderately difficult. Bishop Davis drove us with Marthalina to the southwest side of Guam.

On the way we saw "Bear Rock" which looks a little like a bear.

As we got closer to the trail head the rain intensified, making it unsafe to do the Sella Bay hike due to the "Red" slippery dirt (now mud).

So Bishop Davis drove us to Fort Soledad, an old Spanish fortess c.1810, facing the bay.

Even this big Carabao (water buffalo) was having fun in the rain.

We then went on a short hike to Fonte Dam, (pre-WWII, built about 1910).

Bishop Davis had been here several times before and had never seen a small stream on the trail and as deep of water in the pool below the dam.

We then went to the Sella Bay trailhead and overlook. It was hard to see down to the bay but we looked toward the center of the island and saw a few water falls created by intense rain.

We finally ended our morning at Latte Stone Park. Latte stones were used anciently to hold up roof structures. They have become a common symbol often seen representing the culture and history of Guam.

Another fun day to enjoy with our friends.

Feeding Missionaries
Several days later we enjoyed having Elder Ashcraft and Elder Petersen over for dinner.

Both are very committed to missionary work and have mastered foreign languages such as Pohnpeian and Chuukese.

Side Note...Sister Martin was talking with Elder Petersen in the office recently and found out that his dad is "Chef Brad", a famous chef. We first saw Chef Brad a few years ago at BYU Education Week.

We decided to have Elder Petersen and his companion over for dinner to cook one of his dad's recipes. We made the "Chia Garlic Roasted Mashed Potatoes" and loved it. We served it with Ahi (Maguro) Tuna and Aioli sauce.

Here's a link to his dad's web site.
Chef Brad

Tropical Storm Halong

Another big storm came through July 30th. The Governor of Guam requested that everyone stay in doors. We went to the office and grabbed some things to do while the storm cranked up. They say we got about 9 inches of rain. Luckily the storm center was slightly north, so flooding was minimal. By the end of the day we were feeling like we wanted to get out of the apartment but it was still pouring down. We are grateful to have good shelter. Most buildings in Guam are concrete and can withstand Typhoon strength winds. Hope we won't have to test it out while living here.

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