Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Welcome President and Sister Zarbock

Yes, we have a new mission president, President Zarbock. He and Sister Zarbock just arrived. We're excited for them, excited with them, and for all of the missionaries who will soon meet them.
This great picture is from the Mecham's MGM Facebook page.
Their goal is to meet all of the missionaries in the mission in the first month. This is a difficult task because there are so many islands. Their first flight was to Saipan and back where they had a great zone conference there. On their return flight they reported the plane bouncing around a lot in the storm but landed safely.

Their next trip trip was to visit Kosrae, then Pohnpei, then Chuuk, where Sister Martin and I had the opportunity of visiting. The United island hopper first stopped in Chuuk, then in Pohnpei but a large bird damaged the engine turbine or something so the flight to Kosrae was canceled. So they met with the missionaries an extra day in Pohnpei. A few days later, their next flight to Chuuk was also canceled due to a sick flight attendant, (rumor is that the crew really wants extra time in Hawaii). Then they had another extra day in Pohnpei. I'm sure the missionaries loved it. A rescue plane came the next day and took them to Chuuk.

I remember when we were stuck in Chuuk an extra day. I mentioned it to President Mecham and he said, "Welcome to Micronesia". Flight cancellations are a common thing here.

We were concerned that his flight back to Guam might be canceled because a big tropical storm was suppose to hit Guam. But it weakened and moved a little north.

(July 12th) This morning we heard that their flight to Guam was canceled anyway due to airplane maintenance. It is rescheduled to come tomorrow, Sunday evening.

Wow! Three canceled flights in one trip to visit three islands. Like President Mecham said, "Welcome to Micronesia".

Guam Zone Conference - A Wonderful Spiritual Feast
Last week we enjoyed our first zone conference with President and Sister Zarbock. President Zarbock taught us all  new "unofficial" mission song that goes, "What a great day, what a great day, Whata whata whata whata whata great day......" We all had fun singing it together.

Several outgoing missionaries bore their testimonies, a tradition when this is their last zone conference. Sister Rotuk's testimony especially touched our hearts as she talked about her wayward father who has since come unto Christ while she was on her mission. She has a powerful testimony of the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Sister Rotuk

Tears of gratitude filled my eyes as I thought of the blessing of having a righteous father and mother who raised me knowing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Sister Martin also says she counts her many blessings when remembering her father being baptized when she was seven years old.

All gave amazing testimonies of how they have learned and grown so much on their missions while serving the Lord by serving the people.

The Chinese take-out food was great.

Musical number - Elder Ashcraft, Elder Fabiano, Elder Seguin, Elder Naegle, Sister Ande, Sister Rotuk and Sister Vave

We talked about finances, blessings and shared our testimonies

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