Monday, August 25, 2014

Stealth Bomber, Baptism, Farewell to the MacCabes, Welcome Guercios

We were driving up toward the north part of Guam the other day and saw a B-2 Stealth Bomber. A few weeks ago a Nuclear Sub and now we see a stealth. Wow!

Saturday we had the opportunity of going to a special baptism service for a man named Jay. He seemed very sincere and ready for baptism. The missionaries told us that he was originally contacted by Elder Pita and Elder Baliling, and then Elder Hunter and Elder Hatch taught him some, then he moved near us in Mangilao and was taught by Sister Vave and Sister Mika.

What was interesting is that he remembered meeting us on the beach back in April. We were looking for small rocks/coral to go into the bottom of our pots for the plants we had purchased at the banana festival. We remember him recommending certain kinds of rocks that were good for planting. 

The bishop said Jay is ready to move forward with callings and Priesthood ordination so Sister Martin will be recording his baptism record soon. It's exciting to be here in the Micronesia Guam Mission where the work of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ is "Hastening" at a record setting pace.

President Zarbock mentioned to me the other day that over 90 inactive members had become active over the last month due to renewed efforts, and help form God. Many of these members have been asked by the missionaries to teach investigators with them, re-igniting the fire within.
Elder Hunter, Sister Vave, Elder Hatch, Jay, Bishop Davis, Sister Mika, Elder Siren
Another little miracle happened in the office recently. Elder Petersen, the Assistant to the President, asked Sister Martin if a flight could be made for Elder Barrus, faster. It was Friday and she checked and all flights from Pohnpei were overbooked. After calling United, the agent confirmed the story saying that it would be impossible to get a flight for at least two weeks. Even the waiting lists were over-loaded. Three days later on Monday morning Elder Barrus was standing there in the office. He said early Monday morning he went to the airport, attempting to go standby. By some miracle the standard 737 plane was replaced by a larger plane so he was able to come to Guam to be the new Assistant to the President.

Our new friend and noise maker just outside our office window - The Diesel Generator - It's killing a palm tree
Office work has had challenges lately. Construction workers recently damaged the main power line coming into the office, chapel and service/distribution center. They brought in a big diesel generator to keep us going. They said it would only be here for "TWO WEEKS" lol---. Its been over a month now and they are saying "TWO WEEKS" ha ha.

Over the past week we have had some big thunderstorms with driving rain, swamping the generator and shutting off the power for hours at a time. We must continue to be patient and flexible and get our office work done at different times when it goes down.
Sister Martin in the office
Farewell to Elder and Sister MacCabe
We have loved doing may things with them and have truly enjoyed their company in the mission. We recently enjoyed a dinner farewell with them at the mission home, hosted by Sister Zarbock, while President Zarbock was off-island.
Sister Zarbock, Sister MacCabe, Elder MacCabe

We also welcomed the new Nurse Specialist Couple, Elder and Sister Guercio. We instantly felt a connection with them and are enjoying a new friendship.

Elder and Sister Guercio

Enjoying a feast - Elder and Sister Hurst, Elder and Sister Guercio

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