Sunday, August 10, 2014

Visiting the U.S.S. Oklahoma City Nuclear Submarine

How often do you have the opportunity to get on board a Nuclear submarine? We never expected it.

Elder MacCabe, retired Navy Captain, and now missionary, arranged a tour for our P-day. What an amazing opportunity it was for the senior couples on Guam!

They told us this working/active Los Angeles class sub is also equipped with Tomahawk Missiles. It was interesting how they said generally 140 sailors would typically go out for each 2-3 month tour. We are grateful to all our military units who serve and protect the freedoms we enjoy.

We saw this picture on the wall inside the submarine showing an "emergency blow". They said the numbers were added for identification after the picture was taken and are not on the sub.

After leaving the base we drove up to Nimitz hill, which provides visitors with virtually the same view the Japanese had of Apra Harbor and Asan beach as U.S. Marines stormed the shores of Guam July 21, 1944. Many lives were sacrificed in WWII, liberating Guam from the Japanese.

Looking in another direction you could see the submarines that were in port.

What a fun start to our Pday. Now back to cleaning our apartment, and perhaps another baptism service.

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