Sunday, September 14, 2014

Good, Better, Best--Never Let it Rest--Until Your Good is Better and Your Better is Best.

Sister Mika is one "fired up" missionary, always full of energy and enthusiasm. She learned the catchy "Good, Better, Best" phrase from her mom who repeated it often. It was also on one of her bookmarks from school in Australia. I think she said she was also a cheer leader in school.

Sister Mika and her colorful letters about to send home
Sister Martin taking a break for a picture with some of the great sister missionaries and a couple of member missionaries of the Micronesia Guam Mission.
Sister Ma'a, member, Sister Ande, Sister Davis, Sister Martin, Sister Alaalatoa, member

Elder Murdoch, Sister Rotuk, Sister Purcell, Elder Malais - All 3 except for Sister Rotuk are the Palau island leadership

Sister Kolima and Sister Ande
Monday is P-Day for the younger missionaries. We try to get work done that day but there is so much going on in the office that it slows us down. Nearly everyone played some basketball, then it started raining. Most of them didn't stop playing.
Fun in the rain
Some of the missionaries recently did a Clean-up service project.  

Is that Sister Ande with a machete?

Sister David, Elder Afualo, Sister Ta'ehia (another Sister's machete?), Elder Rice, Sister Rotuk, Sister Kolini

Another special baptism of a brother and sister.

Baptism last week - Elder Afualo and Elder McEwan

Family baptism on Saipan - Elder John, Elder Arcayan, Elder Holt, Elder Luong, Elder Lentz, Elder Samachy and others

More adventures. Sunday evening we took a nice drive over to Fort Santa Agueda and enjoyed some great views of Guam. Watching it change from sunset to darkness, and then the city lights began to illuminate. Fun evening.

Then for Family Home Evening the next night, we took the couples up to the same place.

Elder and Sister Guercio, our Nurse Specialist couple

We also explored some old Japanese Caves that were chiseled out by hand during WWII in the 40's.

I read the description on the plaque out front to everyone before we entered. 
I left off the part where it said, "Enter at your own risk".

Elder Reed, Elder Guerio, Sister Zarbock, Sister Martin, Elder Martin, Sister Reed

The caves are near the McDonalds and across the street from Yogurtland at the Agana Shopping Center.
Sister Guercio, Elder Guercio, Sister Martin, Sister Zarbock, President Zarbock

We ran into spiders and even a friendly cockroach or two or three or four....

Elder Guercio pointing to a nice sized cockroach, Sister Martin holding a light 

There was water dripping and splashing into small pools

These caves interconnected as we ventured into their depths.

Our Family Home evening adventure was about 1 1/2 hours, but I think we all had a fun little get-away. 

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