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Missionaries Sweep the Beach

Missionaries Sweep the Beach
Mormon Missionaries Join Guam’s 20th Annual International Coastal Cleanup
From Left - Sister Ta’ehia, Sister Ande, Sister Mika, Sister Vave, Elder Afualo. Back - Sister Martin, Elder McEwan, Elder Barrus,Elder Petersen and Elder Martin join the volunteers at Piti shores in Guam for the annual Coastal Cleanup 

Missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints joined forces with the volunteers of the coastal and ocean shore cleanup, September 20, 2014. 

Sister Rotuk, Sister Kolini and
Sister Ma’a at Asan Beach
Guam’s government leaders and others promoted this event to clean up the coast and raise awareness for the need to keep Guam clean.
From Left - Sister Davis, Sister Masami, Sister Warner, Elder Amato, Elder Krueger, Sister Alaalatoa, Elder Baliling,
Elder Naegle and Elder Roque, join the many volunteers at Oka Point Saturday, Sept. 20th, 2014 

34 LDS Missionaries joined the event early Saturday morning at 4 of the 17 organized locations on the island.
Sister Davis, right, looks down as trash buckets are
lowered to volunteers below at Oak Point

One group of 9 went to Oka Point near Guam Memorial Hospital in Tamuning. Another group of 11 went to Asan shore and beach area. The third group of 10 went to Piti shore and beaches and included Senior Couple, Elder and Sister Martin (Mission Office Specialists). A fourth group of two senior couples worked at Tagachang Beach in Yona, including Elder and Sister Hurst (Mission Family History Specialists) with Elder and Sister Reed (Mission Self Reliance Specialists).
From Left - Elder Vehikite, Elder Hunter, Elder Samachy, Elder Arcayan, Elder Rice, Elder Ladore, Sister Rotuk,
Sister Williams, Sister David, Sister Ma’a and Sister Kolini help clean Asan beach

Each volunteer was provided buckets and/or bags to sweep the coastal areas of Guam.

Sister Vave and Elder McEwan dig and pull, then others join together to remove the tire from the sand
Among the findings included: beer cans, broken beer bottles, tires, glass and plastic bottles, paper, plastic furniture, cigarette butts, plastic grocery bags, labels, wrappers, pvc pipe, metal objects, aluminum lids, boxes, Styrofoam chunks, food containers, Christmas lights, fabric, shoes, and much more. 
Sister Ande, Sister Ta’ehia & Sister Martin pose with the Rubish
One missionary said, “It’s amazing how much junk is on the beaches”. 

Elder Petersen looks down as the group of missionaries begin to scour the beaches of Piti

Most of the Missionaries wore the bright yellow vest entitled, “Mormon Helping Hands”, which also refers to the popular web site, Mormon.org.

All the missionaries wore “Mormon Helping Hands” vests.
Many of the missionaries reported that they had a lot of fun with this service project, especially since so many people were doing it together. Their goal is to participate in at least one service project per month. 
Working together to improve the coasts of Guam

Missionaries currently serving in the Micronesia Guam mission are from Australia, New Zealand, Chuuk and Pohnpei in the FSM, United States of America, Canada, Philippines, Vanuatu, American Samoa, Samoa, Fiji, Tonga, Marshall Islands, United Kingdom, and Papua New Guinea. They serve from 18 months to two years. Many have saved and prepared for years to come on a full time mission.
Asan beach is looking better than ever
What a great opportunity to participate in a community event that really makes a difference in the place we live. 
Elder Amato holds the free “20th annual Coastal Cleanup” t-shirt.
Volunteers received more than just a good feeling inside for their service.
Thanks to all the sponsors and especially the volunteers who made it all happen.

Elder Martin tosses a pvc pipe into one of the trailers that
came by to pick up the huge amount of trash collected.

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