Sunday, September 14, 2014

Old Spanish Bridge, Beautiful Sella Bay, Ancient Chamorro Latte stones and more Labor Day Weekend hikes

Sella Bay hike on Labor Day, Monday morning

View from the top, looking down to Sella Bay - just beginning our hike

I was told this bridge dates back 400-500 years

I was told these vegetation covered Latte stones date back at least 1,000 years

We made it down to Sella Bay
We also did a few more hikes on Saturday/P-Day August 30th.

Went to a Korean Airlines crash site and memorial
Then we went on a hike to Charlie Corn's memorial. He was Chinese, and I was told, Guam's first millionaire.

Our Group - Marthalina, Scott, Braydon, Lela, Sister Martin, Bishop Davis, and Elder Martin taking the picture

Glad we put on mosquito repellent - Wish we had a machete to hack down the sharp sword grass 

We arrived

Wow - Hundreds of Wild Orchids everywhere - Sister Martin likes them

More hiking in the water - Yes...this is the trail
After we got back to the truck we headed for Libugon, an old bombed out WWII radio station.

Bishop Davis almost got stuck in the mud - Marthalina, did you say you borrowed those white shoes from Sister Deeds? 

Looking for the trail - The vegetation grows so fast - This is the right pole

This is jungle hiking

Here it is - Looking for the Geo-cash
What a fun yet challenging set of hikes during Labor day weekend.

Now, back to the office by lunchtime to get some more work done. And we love seeing the younger missionaries on their P-day.

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