Sunday, September 21, 2014

Rock n' Roll 6.7, Machine Gun?, Weddings, Cakes & Baptisms

Rock n' Roll

While at the office we did a little "Rock n' Roll" the other day. Not to music but to an earthquake.

I was in talking with the Assistants to the President and the place started to move around. My first thought was to look out the window to see if the construction workers were working on the wall like they were a few of months ago. The construction workers literally shook the electrical conduits off our solid concrete office walls.

We then watched Elder and Sister Guercio walk by and so we followed them outside to safety. The ground kept moving for about 30 seconds or so. This is the second earthquake we've felt on Guam. The US Geological Survey initially reported that the quake was 7.1 on the Richter scale and that the epicenter was about 27 miles Northwest of Guam. They later revised it to 6.7.

Luckily no damage and no threat of Tsunamis, even though Sister Martin took this picture while we were driving down the street.

Machine Gun?

Sister Martin's office printer sounds like a machine gun. Play this video and you'll hear what happens every time she turns on her printer. A new one is ordered but this definitely adds a little drama to our office work. I watch her sometimes close her eyes and grit her teeth, cringing when she gets ready to print.

Wedding/Baptism Combo

We had the opportunity to go to another wedding held in the Yigo Ward on Saturday. Sister Ta'ehia asked Sister Martin to make a cake for it several weeks ago.

She made it simple yet decorative. She kept it in the refrigerator over night because we were involved in the big Coastal Cleanup that morning (that story will be in our next blog).

The Sister Missionaries have been bride's maids at several weddings. They received special permission to do so. As they slowly marched in procession the hymn "Come Unto Jesus" was played.

It turned out to be a great missionary opportunity. President Zarbock spoke at the wedding reception and gave an inspired message that brought in the spirit to the wedding. At least four of their extended family/friends will be listening to the missionaries soon. Elder and Sister Hurst also said a few words as they taught the couple a family history lesson a few months ago.

Elder and Sister Hurst

The couple was baptized right after the wedding. When the groom came out of the water he cheered with joy.
Song by - Sister Ande, Sister Ta'ehia, Sister Rotuk

We then joined them for a lunch feast followed by other wedding reception songs, etc. They asked me, and I was grateful to have the opportunity to give the closing prayer.    


It wasn't over yet. There were three more baptism programs that day but we only had time for one, so we went to the Barrigada ward. Elder Hunter baptized the 9 year old. Elder Rice gave a talk on the restoration and on Sunday, he did the new member confirmation and Gift of the Holy Ghost ordinance.

Another wonderful day including a tremendous outpouring of the Holy Spirit that we were so blessed to be a part of.

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