Sunday, September 14, 2014

Taguan area ocean hike, Baptism and more

Not far from our apartment is the Taguan area. Before the people could build the Mangilao golf coarse they were required to build stairs down to the ocean so people could continue to have access.
Just starting out down the path - Sister Martin smiling

View of Taguan area and the ocean

It's quite a ways, about 1,000 steps, including a few hundred stairs. The concrete stairs and railings were quite nice.

The challenging part was the concrete inclined sidewalk, I mean slippery slide.

Slippery concrete path 
Leaves and other debris land on the concrete which makes it a challenge. Well, I made it most of the way down without incident when all at once both of my feet slipped out and I was on the ground.

Several minutes later I continued slowly down the hillside to the beautiful ocean.

Straight ahead along the ocean

We enjoyed walking along the ocean-side but the tide was just too high to reach the caves.
Looking back where we had walked - The tide and waves were a bit too high
Looks like Sister Martin needs a new hat

We looked for other paths across the sharp limestone rocks above but finally turned around and headed back.

Looking for another path above the surf

Later that day my body was quite sore at the baptism. It was another wonderful baptism. Elder Hunter baptized the new Chuukese member in the Chuukese language. ( spell checker wants to change "Chuukese" word into "Cheesecake")

His companion, Elder Rice speaks thePohnpeian language, It doesn't matter what language is used. Even though we can't understand what is being said, we can feel the wonderful spirit while they are performing these ordinances through the true Priesthood of God and in the name of Jesus Christ.

Elder Hunter coaching the young man on how to hold his nose

Elder Hunter also did the confirmation blessing in Chuukese and Sister Kolima, our Chuukese Relief Society President, translated for Bishop Davis in the circle. Elder Hunter and Elder Rice tell us they have been teaching so many people. One of the challenges continues to be transportation from their homes to the church to attend meetings, which is required for someone who wants to be baptized. Our wonderful members that have vehicles, help transport a lot of people to church on Sunday mornings.

Sister Martin and I found a great restaurant call "Chopsticks". Bishop Davis and others had talked about it since we arrived about six months ago. Great Curry chicken, rice and salad. Sister Martin enjoyed the Teriyaki chicken, salad and Miso Shiru (soybean soup).
Chopsticks restaurant - notice the "Spam" napkin holder

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  1. Wow! So many baptisms and adventures! Ibet you were happy to get some curry, Mike!