Sunday, September 7, 2014

Thanks Urdaneta Mission, Stuck in Saipan, Caught in rainstorm, Cemetery Sunsets

Just received a referral from the Philippines Urdaneta Mission! My sister's mission is on the ball. Thanks. I asked the mission recorder, Elder Sta.ana to say hi to Elder and Sister Roberts. He said he would.

Elder Luong called me from the island of Saipan. He said Elder Lentz and Elder Warth were stuck in the sand. Apparently, the road was overtaken by sand washing up from the ocean. We talked about options. They tried pushing it out with five missionaries but no luck. Finally, they called a tow truck to pull them out. Glad everything turned out OK.
Elder Lentz is in the back seat reading his scriptures while Elder Warth poses for the picture

We've had a lot more rain lately. Here's a video of us jogging down to the ocean just before a big storm. What we find at the end was awesome.

Yes...we got soaked on the way back up to our car - See Sister Martin to the right

Even though we were soaked to the bone, a beautiful rainbow is always an awesome sight. This rainbow went all the way down to the ocean.
The Beautiful Rainbow After The Storm

Near the furniture store where we picked up a couch for the new senior couple's apartment which was near a nice Chinese park. It was a little run down and in disrepair but still nice with great views.

Statue of Confucius to the left - The great Chinese teacher about 500 B.C.
Ok, back to work. Need to do apartment inspections and more shopping for office supplies and missionary apartment needs.

Online shopping this week included: Carbon Monoxide and smoke detectors, two front wheel bearings for a Tacoma on the island of Chuuk, two driver's side rear view mirrors, lug nuts, more pamphlets and Books of Mormon, My Family (pedigree / family history) pamphlets, water filter parts, extra cell phones from ebay, front brake pads for another truck on Chuuk, and much more.

During our apartment inspections I replaced batteries in smoke detectors, installed a smoke detector to replace a defective one, and Sister Martin tried to encourage many of the missionaries to clean better. In Talisay, Sister Warner and Sister Masami's microwave was shooting sparks inside. Toss it in the dumpster.

Back to shopping...Rice cookers on sale for $16.00 -- better buy three, two trash cans, a new microwave oven, box fans for $16.00 -- better buy two, a new glass part for a floor lamp, a night stand lamp, etc.

Last week, Sister Martin helped decorate two wedding cakes for two weddings. If all goes well, she will be making a wedding cake next weekend. All of these donated wedding cakes help these couples have a special wedding. These weddings are followed by baptisms, sometimes the same day. When a man and a woman decide to follow Christ and be baptized, they get married if they are living together. Great blessings follow those who keep God's commandments.

Ending this blog with beautiful sunset pics (even though pictures don't even come close to what it really looks like). This is at the US Navy Cemetery on Guam. A lot of history happened on Guam, and we are grateful for the many who sacrificed their lives for freedom.

The US Navy Cemetery is on Marine Corps Drive, the main street in Hagatna, Guam

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