Thursday, October 30, 2014

Learning to Trust in the Lord - Relief Society craft night and more stories

Welcome Elder and Sister Hardy

Elder and Sister Martin with Elder and Sister Hardy in our apartment. We had them over for dinner with Elder Hunter and Elder Ladore. Thai red coconut chicken curry & rice. They are our new Senior Couple on their way to the islands of Chuuk.
...I should have at least fixed my tie for the picture
Learning to Trust in the Lord -- A couple months ago, missionaries were transferred around to different areas as typically happens. One particular Sister was very disappointed that she was transferred back to the same area that she had served for several months just a few months before. As she was crying, Sister Martin and I asked her what was wrong. She told us that she had contacted every person in this particular area,

I commented that perhaps some of the people were now ready to hear the amazing message of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. She partially agreed but was still very upset at the months ahead.

Last week I asked her how it was going since the transfer. She said it has been the most amazing time of her mission. More people were entering the waters of baptism and committing themselves to Christ than in her entire mission. The majority of one particular family had just been baptized and more were about to be. Others were just married and then baptized, etc., etc.

We then chatted about how putting our trust in the Lord, instead of our own judgement, is always the best way to go through life. Sometimes we don't understand assignments or callings we may receive from our inspired leaders.

Sister Martin and I continue to try and put our trust in the Lord as we personally feel very inadequate for our assignment. But we continue to go to the office everyday, praying that we will do our best and the Lord will make up the rest.

This is one of several pre-baptism pictures that Elder Samachy shared with me. Elder Naegle is in the middle. 
Another Tender Mercy -- Yesterday, a missionary glanced at a flight itinerary on Sister Martin's desk and asked if a particular Sister was coming to Guam this weekend for a leadership conference. After checking the tickets, she realized that she had booked a ticket for the wrong sister. What a blessing Sister Martin was able to cancel that ticket and re-book the correct one just two days before the flight. This was a little miracle as there are only 4 flights a week from this island and Saturdays are especially the most booked and that is the flight she needed.

A member of the Bishopric shared with me how when he joined the church, his boss and a fellow worker picked him up and threw him in a dumpster. A few years ago, he saw a picture of his former boss. In the picture he noticed in the background a picture of Joseph Smith. He found a way to contact him and was happy to find out that his former boss is now a member of the high counsel in the church.

These and many more tender mercies / miracles happen every week, sometimes everyday if we are able to recognize them. With so many prayers offered in behalf of this sacred work, it is bound to be watched over and directed by Heavenly Father and all who are enlisted until the conflict is over.

Sister Martin had fun the other night learning how to make floral head wreaths. It was a Barrigada Ward Relief Society craft and cookie night.

Finished product
I was walking down to our Service and Distribution Center a couple of days ago and ran into a our ward High Priest Group Leader. I asked him about his Family History work he was doing. He said he had been working on it and was amazed with the spirit he felt while doing it. He considered waiting until he could go to the Manila temple himself some day, but then felt strong impressions to do it now and submit the names to the temple immediately. He was deeply touched by the spirit and has a strong testimony of doing Family history and temple work. He is from the Marshall Islands and has ancestors from Hawaii.

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