Sunday, October 5, 2014

Tender mercies, Marbo Caves, Ayuda Service Project and more

Another Mighty Miracle/Tender Mercy in the Office

Sister Martin does all of the flights for the missionaries as they travel between islands. Several days ago, she was asked to get some flights for the Zone Leaders and some Sister missionaries to come to Guam for special training. This was less than a week notice. Her first attempt was online with very little success. Then she emailed her United Airlines contact who was sick. Then on Wed. we decided to go to United Airlines office on Guam and speak to the agents in person. The agents said it didn't look good for the flights coming from our eastern islands of Chuuk, Pohnpei and Kosrae. All seats were booked. 
Sister Martin with the Carabao statue in front of the United Office

That afternoon Sister Martin broke the bad news to President Zarbock. He and the Assistants decided to pray so that the missionaries could come to Guam for the special training. Thursday morning, just two days before they needed to fly in, our contact in the United office was back. In answer to the prayer, all flights were available for the twelve missionaries. Thanks to Heavenly Father for answering a sincere prayer.

Saturday, October 4, 2014 we decided to hike to Marbo Caves

It was just a short hike down to the cave entrance, perhaps seven minutes. All of the senior couples, Bishop Davis, Sister Hague and her seven children from the Barrigada Ward joined us on this one. Even Elder and Sister Curtis were visiting from Kosrae came along for the two hour adventure.

Elder and Sister Hurst

The hike continued in the caves
  It's a fresh water cave.

Yes...we hiked through there.

After the caves, Bishop Davis asked us if we wanted to go to the ocean cliffs where people like to fish and dive. We said sure. It was only about 5-10 minutes in the back of the hot truck.

Beautiful blue/green ocean water

Back to the truck

Driving the other day I pulled out the camera fast to get a picture of this truck with a "Custom" tailgate. 

Custom Tailgate
Back to Saturday morning, Oct. 4th.
Many of the missionaries and Barrigada ward members did a service project went to a building filled with hundreds/thousands of books to be sent to Pohnpei. 

Enjoying the donuts

Their job was to sort through and find appropriate books for school libraries in Pohnpei, and then get them boxed and ready for shipment. 

This service project was requested and arranged by the Ayuda Foundation

For more pictures of the event go to President Zarbock's Facebook page


Sister Martin was asked to make a wedding cake. 

She really likes making them. It gives a nice project away from the office. I think she said you couldn't pay her enough to make one but enjoyed donating one to help make the wedding special. 

The bride was baptized minutes after the wedding ceremony that was performed by the Talisay Bishop.

The cake was devoured minutes after being cut.

We drove back from the wedding in a big rain storm. 

Speaking of storms, Typhoon Vongfong will be brushing by Guam (but not a direct hit) in a few hours. 

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