Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Another (Amazing) day at the office - missionaries coming and going

We will miss all of the missionaries going home this month. We always wonder how things will go for them when they return home. Life will be so different and the transition is sometimes difficult for some. But our memories will remain.

Here's one memory of Sister Ta'ehia and Sister Rotuk (and Sister Kolini - not shown) who called me one morning with "two flat tires". I borrowed a spare tire from a similar mission car in order to help them drive to the repair shop. After the tire shop installed two new tires a strange thing happened. One of the new tires went flat after just a few hours. We found out that the rim had a big dent that wasn't fixed. They pounded out the dent and everything has been fine since.

Sister Rotuk went home to Chuuk over a month ago and Sister Ta'ehia left last weekend. We will miss them.

Elder Luong, Elder Afualo, Elder Waimila, Elder Martin in the office

Goodbye Sister Vave and Sister Ta'ehia

Sister Calder will be trained by Sister Taumoefolau in Yap

Elder Dann on his way to Chuuk with Elder Heim - Ordered a Chuukese name tag

Sister Mataitoga will be training Sister Welch in Pohnpei

Elder Climer will be trained by Elder Striplin in Palau 

Transfer week is a busy time in the office - Many questions that we hope we have the answers to

Sister Misanale will be trained by Sister Warner (not shown) in Guam -
The arriving missionaries are a sharp group excited to do the work of the Lord
Since our mission is so far spread apart, we don't have mission conferences. Therefore, many of these missionaries may never see each other again.

A few days later on P-day, Sister Misanale and Sister Warner were in the office. They shared how the Elders came and rescued them from a small snake in their apartment. There are no poisonous snakes on Guam or in our region of Micronesia that we know of. It was a brown tree snake. This video with sound, captures the drama of the event.

Elder and Sister Reed with Elder and Sister Thomas, helping with car inspections
Elder Hunter and Elder Ladore won the prize for the cleanest car - Where did they get those suit coats? It's over 90 degrees.

More pday happenings.

Elder Rice working on emails

Elder Matalolo reading a letter

Better clean that car even if it's a little crunched.

It's an amazing blessing to be around these great missionaries who have chosen to give their time and resources for 1 1/2 to 2 years for unselfish, unpaid service to the people of Micronesia and to the Lord Jesus Christ who we love and serve. All the glory and all the credit goes to Him for all the good works that may be accomplished here.

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