Saturday, November 29, 2014

Double Thankful for a Double Thanksgiving

Sister Martin and I have so much to be thankful for. We could even be thankful for her extended cold (cough), if you consider all that I accomplished with Family History research. And, last weekend, we decided to buy an 11 lb. turkey ($1.50 per lb..not bad for Guam) and some potatoes. We thought of inviting missionaries, but with her still coughing and weak, we decided against it.

So, Sunday after church we started the turkey baking, and then did a video chat with the Bullen's on the internet. That was fun to hear about all the news. Later I peaked out the window and it was pouring rain.

After enjoying blessings of turkey most of the week, we were blessed to enjoy thanksgiving with all 42 missionaries on Guam. Even the Hedgpeths came. They are the new senior couple going to Pohnpei. Welcome Elder and Sister Hedgpeth! We will deeply miss Elder and Sister Chandler in Pohnpei. They are leaving soon.

Elder and Sister Hedgpeth

Then all of the food was set out. Looked like enough food for over a hundred people.

Sisters first.
Yes, I made my traditional clam dip to go with chips and veggies. Sister Martin made 2 big batches of Fudge. It was a big chocolate with pecans. Yum, yum.

Elder and Sister Thomas made mashed potatoes. Elder and Sister Reed made some fruit salads. Elder and Sister Guercio made a turkey and the big pot of gravy. President Zarbock made a deep fried turkey with a touch of curry spice. Sister Zarbock and her daughter Amy made another turkey, green salad and much more. Elder and Sister Hurst made a green bean casserole. I'm probably forgetting someone or something but it was all great.
Sister Hedgpeth and Sister Reed

Sister Kuau - A glimpse of Sister Martin in the background starting the cleanup.
We watched a church movie during dinner, talked and had a lot of fun.

Sister Baum and Sister Orrock

Having fun with pictures

The Sisters & Elder Hunter in the background rushing to get leftovers - He used one of the big foil pans and filled it up 

Sister Misanale, left, joining in the fun

Elder Afualo, Elder Hatch, Elder McEwen, Elder Ladore, Elder Samachy
We have so much to be thankful for. We are thankful for wonderful people we are getting to know here, beautiful sites and sounds of Guam from the sea to the jungles. But most of all for our Heavenly Father creating this beautiful world, our wonderful brothers and sisters of the world, and our Savior's love providing our way back home to our Heavenly Father.

All of the missionaries that go to the Barrigada, Guam ward clean the church and set up the chairs every 5th Saturday so Sister Martin took a few fun pics to see.
We all had fun except when Sister Martin screamed because a large cockroach flew towards her while cleaning in the kitchen.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting these pictures. I love that Sister Baum is looking so happy!