Monday, November 3, 2014

Fun Halloween Party

We enjoyed a fun ward party last night. Sister Martin sat down next to a lady. They talked and then she asked for a Book of Mormon. I ran to the office and brought one back.

Sister Thomas and President Zarbock watching the fun 

This eventful evening included a Chili Cook-off/contest.

All of the chili judges were from outside of Guam including: Philippines, Korea, Idaho, Chuuk, Pohnpei, etc. A couple of the younger missionaries and others helped to judge the 11 pots of Chili brought in. I decided to make a special pot of Bratwurst Curry Potter Chili. It was a new experimental recipe. It didn't win but many liked it. Sister Martin helped me make it. She liked the carrots that gave it the orange/Halloween color.   

Brother Batimana won the Chili contest

Elder Hunter joined in nearly every activity

A Pumpkin Pie eating contest was fun for all to watch. Sister Davis made all 12 pies.

Elder Jack on his way from Kosrae to the MTC - He will serve in Australia

Elder Ladore also joined in the challenge
Elder Hunter eating a pie. Watch this video.

Musical chairs was next...

The last two and only one chair

No one sat on the last chair - Both were declared co-winners

 We all laughed a lot and had fun.

Costume contest - Everyone received an award for participation

A really fun event for all who came. Many came who we hadn't come to a church event for a long time. 

Of course we had some left over chili so we invited some missionaries over for dinner the next day.

Elder Martin, Sister Martin, Elder Hatch, a member, Elder Jack, Elder Smachy


  1. Great Party!! We haven't received an email from Elder Hunter for 2 weeks so it's great to see him so happy! Tell him to write his Mother!

  2. The member at dinner is Rico Taiwerbwe, a priest in the ward who was out with the missionaries.

  3. The office party which I enjoy most is Christmas party!! We plan a lot of things for the party and everyone give their unique ideas to make party huge hit. On last year party, we brought food from our home, and so the menu was a big list of things. It was amazing idea given by my colleagues.