Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A great hike to Fonte Dam and Micronesia Christmas memories

The day after Christmas Bishop Davis invited ward members to "Hiking with the Bishop". There were 15 of us. He says he will probably do this often.

We hiked to Fonte Dam. A few months ago we came part way but had to tun back before reaching the lookout due to high water levels.

The dam was constructed in 1910 under Pres. Taft to supply water to Hagatna

Elder and Sister Hurst

Elder and Sister Guercio

Elder Martin and Elder Reed

Sister Martin at the look-out point

Arrived at the look out. It started to rain. Elder Reed exclaimed, "It's not rain it's Liquid Sunshine".

Picture at the top with the group minus one who was taking this picture.

 Heading back. Hold on, it's a little slippery.

Oh no, a wild orchid stem is broken.

Quite a fun hike with several of our new friends.

Christmas Memories...

These next three pictures President or Sister Zarbock took on Christmas eve. We enjoyed a couple's pot-luck dinner at the mission home.

President Zarbock, Elder Hurst, Elder Reed, Elder Thomas, Elder Martin, Elder Guercio

We were invited to a island style Christmas pot-luck lunch at Rose and Robert Laanan's home in Dededo. After eating, we shared our favorite Christmas.

A few of the couples went to the Hyatt for a Christmas breakfast.

After getting a little stir crazy, cooped up inside all day, Sister Martin said, "Let's go see the sunset". So we did. Sometimes we get so busy in life we don't take a little time to see and enjoy God's creations.

Looking forward to a "Happy New Year".


  1. I'm still getting used to seeing you with gray hair:) I love you both!