Thursday, December 4, 2014

Baptism, amazing talent, missionary talks, more

Saturday was another special, unforgettable day in Guam.

Sister Orrock and Sister Baum just before a baptism Saturday 

Pday for the missionaries...

Another great day for donuts brought in by Elder and Sister Thomas for car inspections on Pday.

Elder Talona, from Hawaii, currently serving in Saipan, played a tune for us in the office. Amazing talent.

We had a great Sunday and a spiritual feast enjoying amazing talks - and primary children sang as well.

This is an audio clip of the talk given by Elder Hunter speaking in the Barrigada Ward on November 30th. These were some candid photos I took of Elder Hunter at an earlier date. 

His testimony in Chuukese at the end was amazing. Even though we couldn't understand a word of Chuukese, we could feel the spirit testify of the truthfulness of the restored Gospel. I could literally feel that the Chuukese people listening, were greatly strengthened, uplifted and edified. 

After the primary choir sang (amazingly good even without a piano player), Sister Amy Zarbock spoke. She just returned from serving full time in the North Carolina Charlotte Mission. 

Then President Zarbock gave his remarks...another powerful talk on missionary work. Listen and enjoy.

After church we said goodbye to Sister Roberts who had been serving on Pohnpei. A loving sister that will be missed. She also needed some money for baggage due to a layover flight back to Australia. It takes 2-3 days for her to get home.

Then we headed up to the Mission Home to give a presentation for Mission Leadership Conference. Sister Training Leaders and Zone Leaders come once a month for extensive training. I talked about cars, money, and other office-related matters and Sister Martin talked about missing baptism records. Everything is done in proper order and all baptisms must be properly recorded. 
Reading from the Missionary Handbook

Amy Zarbock, right, joined the Mission Leadership Council meeting

Elder and Sister Guercio, our mission nurse couple, talked about the prevention and proper treatment of Scabies mites (also known as the 7 year itch). Very informative. Bugs on these hot tropical islands is always a concern.
A microscopic image of a Scabies Mite
After finishing in the office at about 6:30 tonight, we enjoyed a nice "BBQ on a stick" dinner at the Chamorro Village. There is always a line at "Kris BBQ", and Elder and Sister Guercio recommended it, so we decided to try it. It was great food...just needed a salad and it would've been perfect. The Chamorro village is open every Wednesday evening with both locals and tourists attending.
With Elder and Sister Guercio

Kris BBQ - Great Food

We've danced here a couple of times before. Sometimes we see Elvis but not tonight. Fun place. 

We love the Lord, we love serving the missionaries, we love and miss our family (often to tears), and we love the people on Guam. 


  1. I love seeing these pictures and hearing these talks! Thank you for sharing Elder And Sister Martin.

  2. Mahalo Nui Loa for sharing. I love reading all about the mission & how much it's growing. Wonderful work being done there. :-) #ShareTheGift. .... Sis. Telona

  3. Mahalo Nui Loa for sharing. I love reading all about the mission & how much it's growing. Wonderful work being done there. :-) #ShareTheGift. .... Sis. Telona

  4. Elder and Sister Martin -- Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful things that are going on with the work, the members, and the Elders & Sisters. We love following your blog and seeing photos and videos of all (especially Elder McEwan because we don't get many pictures -- We're hoping he's bringing them all home when he comes :)).

  5. Love you and miss you too! Grateful for all that you are doing!