Saturday, December 27, 2014

Livin' the Dream

Sister Martin and Elder Martin in front of a real ginger bread house at the Hyatt Hotel in Guam

As sad as we are, missing our family during this Christmas Season, we are happy and love serving in the office, serving the other missionaries, and serving the people in the Micronesia Guam Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

"Livin' the Dream" is one of the phrases President Zarbock likes to use referring to being on a full- time mission. It is. We have dreamed and planned of going on a full-time couple mission, all of our lives.

Like President Monson said, "As your circumstances allow", or "Make yourselves available for full- time missionary service". Here's the link to his 5 min. talk in 2010...As we meet together again

Our mission is currently short two CES senior couples. So, if you know anyone that desires full-time service in the Micronesia Guam Mission, the best mission in the world, Urdaneta, Philippines would be a close second, (where my sister and husband serve), please contact us or President Zarbock immediately.

If interested (or know someone to send this link to), click here to see Senior Missionary Opportunities.

More on "Livin' the Dream"

We showed you the Barrigada ward party but we also had a wonderful Guam Zone Missionary Christmas party. Elder and Sister Guercio decorated with Christmas lights and all of the missionaries brought food to share.

After the food we watched the movie, "Miracle". It was about the US Hockey Team's victory during the 1976 Olympics. Very motivational.

Right after the dinner we hurried over to a birthday party for one of the youth in our ward. Since she was turning 16, we watched a small video on dating by President Monson. She thanked everyone for coming and wanted to give something to us all. She bore her testimony to everyone and then sang "Oh Holy Night" while playing the ukulele. Many of the youth are amazing with good, strong values and standards.

Sister Martin took some pictures of Sister Mika, just transfered to Palau, and also Sister Misanale who just received their Christmas packages.

Tis' the season for more food. We went to a Chinese lunch buffet with Bishop Davis and Brother Batimana.

Some missionaries gave me this picture to post from a p-day activity visiting the old Japanese caves.

Some more missionary service projects. I didn't see the spider. 

We'll end with Elder Telona featuring a p-day solo.  

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  1. I shared this post with Michelle and Clark as they are planning on serving soon:)