Saturday, January 24, 2015

Great Missionary Couples Conference and a few Sunsets

Guam Sunset 
Perhaps a fun way to start off this blog. Sister Martin said it looks like a post card.

During our Family Home Evening at President and Sister Zarbock's Home, we welcomed a new Senior Couple to our mission, Elder and Sister Eliason. He is a doctor. They will be serving on the island of Chuuk for the next 18 months.

Elder and Sister Eliason

About a week ago we welcomed another senior couple, Elder and Sister Furstenau. They are serving on Pohnpei in MLS (Member Leadership Support).

Elder and Sister Furstenau
The Senior Couple's Conference happens every six months. This gives everyone a chance to gather together. We give our stewardship reports, listen to counsel from President and Sister Zarbock, and have a little fun.

Sister Proffit giving a spiritual thought. 

Elder Martin giving an update on apartment rent, finances, and water filters. 

Elder Hardy talking about the Chuuk District Conference

Sister Maxine Thomas led us in a great activity where we painted the (MGM) Micronesia Guam Mission Logo. Each couple was given one journal to paint the logo on the cover. 

Elder and Sister Hurst giving their stewardship report

President Zarbock sharing a song on his banjo from his younger days, as he put it.

How about another sunset or two...

We went to the Chomorro village with some of the couples Wed. night. Took a short video of Elder and Sister Hardy dancing. After, Sister Martin and I did a little swing.

We had an opportunity to take a little two hour Jungle River Cruise up the Talofofo and Ugum rivers.

Saw a few large lizards along the river.

We stopped at a little village along the way.

Sister and Elder Martin 

Elder and Sister Hurst
Elder Martin with the ancient Latte stones

Fire making demonstration in the village

We took some walks along the beach with the couples and took some more pictures of Guam.

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