Wednesday, January 14, 2015

More Cockroaches? - Ritidian Refuge hike

For Christmas, a few of our grandchildren sent us a big cockroach. This cockroach was like a gummy bear though. So, I talked Sister Martin into a picture. Here we are talking to the Jones family, who gave us the cockroach. 

Yum, yum, we love to eat cockroaches.

This is a very cold January in Guam. Lows are hitting a bone chilling 77 degrees. In a few days, the cold front is expected to drop to an unbelievable, 76 degrees. The high is 85. It will soon be back into the 90's.

Four of our five porch plants are blooming in this cold weather. White Ginger flower, Plumeria, Basil and a small rose. The Gardenia isn't currently blooming.

After a wonderful week of office missionary work, we always try to get out and get our bodies moving and explore the beauty of Guam.

This time, the Senior Couples decided to get together on P-Day and explore Ritidian and the Guam National Wildlife Refuge in Northern Guam.

Elder Thomas, Sister Martin, Sister Thomas, Elder Hurst

Elder Guercio, Elder Hurst, Elder Martin, Sister Guercio

Sister Guercio

Exploring the shallow caves...

Sister Martin said, "May I please have the camera?"
Elder Thomas, Elder Guercio, Sister Thomas, Elder and Sister Hurst and us - Sister Guercio took the picture

Elder Guercio and Elder Martin looking at an old stone-lined well

Elder and Sister Guercio

Elder Hurst and Elder Martin on the trail

Picture of Sister Martin - "I got the camera back"

Another fun hike - and the cloudy day made my day

Elder Martin digging a mote around his sand castle

Not a very crowded beach.

A little visitor dropped by to see what's going on - The video below shows him hiding in the sand

Driving out of the refuge, we saw some pigs running loose, or wild. Not sure which.

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