Saturday, February 14, 2015

Beautiful Merizo Baptism - Coco's Island - Wildlife

Went to an amazing baptism. The pictures speak better than my words.

After the baptism, Elder Afualo and Elder Holmes talked about the restoration, Joseph Smith's first vision, Priesthood authority, and more. Elder Holmes spoke in Chuukese and Elder Afualo spoke in English.

Much like Elder Hunter and Elder Rice, that I wrote about in earlier blogs, Elder Afualo, Elder Holmes and Elder Kata are an amazing asset to the work of the Lord on Guam.

Elder Afualo speaks fluent Pohnpeian and is from American Samoa so he knows a lot of people and has relatives on Guam. Elder Holmes lived in Chuuk for a  time and knows Chuukese. Elder Kata is from Chuuk. So together, they are able to converse in the native tongues of most people they come in contact with. These beautiful people who have come into the waters of baptism the last few weeks speak Chuukese and Pohnpeian. The restored gospel of Jesus Christ is true to anyone who is ready to listen. These young Elders are prepared to teach and many are reaping the blessings.

So many more of the missionaries in the Micronesia Guam Mission are obedient, gifted teachers of the gospel message. May the Lord bless each of them.

Coco's Island

Earlier that day, the senior couples and Bishop Davis did a little p-day excursion to a small island, a couple of miles by ferry boat from Merizo, Guam.

Don't look up and watch out for the dive bombers. And we hope everyone is wearing their hat. 

It was like a wild bird refuge. The brown tree snake killed most of the birds on Guam years ago. The government has tried to exterminate some of the snakes so the birds will come back. The snakes and rats are mostly gone on Coco's island so bird population has skyrocketed.

As we walked around the island, Bishop Davis told us a lot of interesting facts about the island. He showed us snake tracks meaning that some snakes are still there.

Bishop Davis has a Geo-caching hobby. He found 11 of the 12 Geo-caches on Coco's Island.

Bishop Davis looking for one of the geo-caches

Covering up a geo-cache

On one of the rocky beaches he showed us "Star Sand" at a certain area on the island.

How many stars can you find in this picture?

Below are a few videos of the wildlife on the island

I like these little crabs that live in a shell.

More bird pics.

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