Sunday, February 22, 2015

Guam Para (kite) surfers, Piti Guns, an elegant "Mystery Dinner" and more

Asan Beach and the Para (kite) Surfers

On P-Day we went to a few more Guam sites. This one had a surprise show we didn't expect. Since it was a windy day, several Kite Surfers were out. They would speed by, jumping flipping and even flying a little. I got a little bit on video below.

We were amazed at these talented surfers.

Even more amazing are the talented missionaries who have decided to serve full time missions. Their sacrifice to the Lord Jesus Christ in his work is amazing. In addition, all are striving to be exactly obedient to the mission rules. By doing this the windows of heaven are showering down the spirit upon them and blessing them. 

Here's a few of them...
Elder Fabiano, Elder Plocher, Elder Matalolo, Elder Naegle, Sister Davis, Sister David, Sister Mika
So many in the Micronesia Guam Mission area are prepared to receive the message of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It takes a lot of work and preparation to do what these young missionaries do. And like the kite surfers, it takes practice to do it well. Click the following link Missionary preparation

One dedicated missionary, Elder Krueger, just went home to New Zealand. We will miss him. We anticipate that he will do well in life.
Elder Krueger, Elder Martin, Sister Martin

Piti Guns

Bishop Davis met us at Piti guns, a World war II Japanese, island defense site. This was a short 10 minute hike. Short hikes are currently preferred since Sister Martin hurt her knee a few weeks ago playing volleyball. 

These guns were installed but not quite ready for use when the US took Guam back from the Japanese. The intention was to defend from an invasion at Asan beach, which is where the Marines landed in July 21, 1944. 

A Murder Mystery Dinner

Finishing off the day, the talented Sister Miller of the Talisay ward in Guam wrote a "Who done it" type of mystery dinner for the church members in the area. Based on a French theme chef competition using Hershey chocolate in the setting of the Paris Opera house; various church members dressed up and performed the show between dinner courses.

Sister Martin and Elder Martin
Sister Matisima and Sister Misinale

Elder and Sister Guercio

Very enjoyable with this talented, enthusiastic group. Quite the comedy in certain parts of the play. They asked me to turn the lights on and off which I messed up several times but still had a good time. And they included a chocolate fountain for one of the desserts.

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  1. We love keeping up with you all on your mission through your blog and on Facebook. Church was canceled for us today due to a big snowstorm. Youe jungles and sandy beaches look pretty inviting right now.