Friday, February 20, 2015

Service Projects, Baptisms and Valentines

We left the Mission Office at 6:15pm and drove down to the ocean to catch the last of the sunset. Noticed a small boy playing on the wet sand, a para surfer (kite surfer) finishing for the day, and the beautiful colors of the sunset on the horizon. Another great day to be thankful for.

Service Projects - the first 10 days of February
A few missionaries gave us some of their pictures to post from service projects on Guam. Energetic young missionaries do various service projects that help out the members of the community. See Ways to Serve

Elder Tafuna, Elder Taule'alo, Elder Samachy

Sister Kuau, Sister Muamoholeva, Sister Talakai, Sister Davis

Elder Stripling, Elder Samachy, Elder Arcayan

Elder Stripling, Sister Davis

Elder Holmes

Sister Davis

Elder Kata

Sister Muamoholeva, Sister Talakai

Missionaries - Front: Elder Afualo, Elder Roque, Elder Matalolo. Back: Sister Muamoholeva, Elder Taule'alo, Sister Davis
Tearing down an old shed.

Elder Kata, Elder Afualo, Elder Wright

Sister Davis shared these pictures of baptisms that occurred January 24th, 30th, and February 7th that we weren't able to attend.

The commitment of these missionaries and the people joining the church and coming unto Christ is amazing.

Elder and Sister Hurst invited us to join them to go to a fun Valentine dinner hosted by the Yigo, Guam Ward Youth. We had just walked out the Mission office door just as the Hursts were leaving the Family History Office, about 6:15 pm. So, Sister Martin and I decided to hop in the back seat of their car. It was fun and the food was good.

The young men and young women are raising money to go to the temple in the Philippines later this year.

Lifesaver/toothpick game

Looking at the items offered at the silent auction

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