Thursday, February 5, 2015

Inspiration and then Invasion - We love it

Once a month, the Zone Leaders, Sister Trainer Leaders and a few others receive extensive training and spiritual direction from President and Sister Zarbock at the mission home. They also come to the office to pick up supplies, pamphlets, copies of The Book of Mormon - Another Testament of Jesus Christ, water filters, church DVD's, and much more. Many also turn in receipts and baptism records, check on flights, make a few calls, pick up Visa permits, teaching records, name badges, daily planners, pass along cards and replacement cell phones, order tires, and all other office related items.

Sister Finau and Edler Bunn, the newest Zone leader
Elder Schroath and Elder Johnson 

The office gets pretty busy and full.

Front - Elder Hatch and Elder Mackie talk about Yap island. Back - Sister Davis and Elder Naegle

Sister Martin reviews a flight with Elder Malais while Elder Murdoch reads the latest Liahona/Ensign Magazine

Elder Telona, Elder Tupua, Elder Schroath and Elder Krueger in the store room

Sister Pahulu listens to a mission story/experience 

Sister Zarbock showed part of Disney's short film, "Partly Cloudy" (here's a link to a part of the film) and compared it to missionary work. Missionary work is not easy.

Missionaries give everything to the work of the Lord to bring souls unto Christ. To be a missionary requires exact obedience and amazing sacrifice.

Sister Martin and I have heard amazing stories from missionaries who give everything, including becoming disowned by family for joining the church and serving a mission. Some have also told us amazing conversion stories of their parents joining the church while they are on missions as well.

Everyone received inspired instruction from President Zarbock for Mission Leadership Council
We love the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and testify that it is true. There really are living Prophets on the earth today who receive inspired revelation from God. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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