Sunday, February 1, 2015

Volleyball & Nephites vs. Lamanites

Taking a break from the office paperwork on Mondays was a chance to see some P-day activities for the younger missionaries.

Sometimes, they play a little volleyball or basketball.

 I put our camera to work, attempting to catch a few action pics.

Elder Arcayan, Elder Singeo(with ball), Sister Misanale, Elder Holmes, Elder Wright, Sister Welch

Elder Arcayan forgot his p-day clothes?

Elder Arcayan and Elder Kata at the net

Elder Afualo hits while Elder Arcayan jumps for the block

Elder Wright flying high, while teammates Elder Kata, Elder Simram,on his way to Houston Mission, and Sister Welch watch

Sister Matisima hits the ball while Elder Holmes and Sister Talakai are close by.

Sister Talakai (right), Elder Matalolo (left)

Barrigada Ward Party at Ypao Beach and park

Sister Martin and I had a fun Saturday with members of the Barrigada ward.

They asked me to be a judge on 9 entries in a beef rib cook-off.

Some of the younger missionaries brought investigators like Elder Hatch, Elder Stripling above.

Then we had a water gun fight. The Nephites vs. the Lamanites.

I, Elder Martin, was the Nephite King.

The object was to soak the king. The team with the wettest king at the end lost.

The kings were not allowed to move.

The armies attacked

I was the wettest, so the Nephites lost. We all had a great time.

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