Monday, March 2, 2015

A few Crutches - Stand Strong

Always stacks of paperwork to do the day after Mission Leadership Council. Many of the Zone Leaders left early in the morning but some of the flights to Yap and Palau don't leave until later. However, the office was still bustling with many missionaries on their p-day coming and going writing emails home and having their cars inspected. Some of them just got back from shopping.

Sister Kuau, Sister Taumoefolau, Sister Baum, Sister Misinale, Sister Calder, Sister Muamoholeva, Sister Ta'ase,
and Elder Arcayan in front of the Micronesia Guam Mission Office
Most of the flights to Saipan, including President and Sister Zarbock's early morning flight were canceled. They were re-booked on a later flight shortly after. The Saipan Zone Leaders and Sisters were re-booked for the evening flight. But, they should all be there for their meeting Tuesday morning in Saipan.

Then we were notified that the Zarbock's flight back to Guam was canceled. They re-booked that one for several hours later on Tuesday night. This is a common occurrence with United in Micronesia.

Sister Martin books so many flights, it's hard for her to keep up. But, with the Lord's help, things always seem to work out.

Elder and Sister Guercio were a little busier today since Elder Tafuna hurt his ankle. Several days ago, Sister Reed also hurt her foot as seen by the pictures. Sister Martin is still limping a little after she hurt her knee over a month ago. Through all the trials, the work keeps moving forward. We all must "Stand Strong" as we face daily challenges.

After being instructed during mission leadership to limit fast food, Elder Guercio looks like he is examining Elder Naegle's wrap for nutritional value. Too much fast food is always a concern for the mission nurse as he is the first to get a call.

Elder Naegle asserts that this wrap has plenty of lettuce and is nutritious.

In the background is Elder Stanley. He is originally from Mechitiw, Chuuk and he just finished his mission in the Vanuatu Port Vila Mission. He is waiting for his flight from Guam to Kentucky that leaves next weekend. His entire family moved to Kentucky while he was on his mission.

Elder Stanley

As he waits to go home we talked about enduring to the end. He said in Vanuatu he taught people in the Bislama language. He said "Enduring to the End" translates to "Stand Strong" in Bislama.

I found a few links about Standing Strong. Here's a one minute clip of Elder Robert D. Hales Stand-strong-in-holy-places. Also Julie B. Beck gave a talk called...Stand-strong-and-immovable.

And our favorite, the Youth theme song of 2010 when Sister Martin and I were on Pioneer Trek as a Ma and Pa...Be Strong and of Good Courage. We taught this song to our group/family before going on the Trek experience.

Elder Stanley also said his first time eating at McDonalds was when he arrived in Guam.

Elder Telona and Elder Lentz. They are serving in Saipan

Elder Telona likes to use his hands sometimes while talking. Very descriptive.

Again, we love this amazing missionary work. Being surrounded by such energy and enthusiasm is usually quite refreshing. They are each truly committed to serving the Lord for 18 months or Two years. We thank God and praise Him, crediting our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ for all of these great things that are being accomplished in our area.

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