Friday, March 6, 2015

Hike to Priest Pools, Faha & Tinta Memorials, and Gadao's cave

Sister Martin and I had the privilege of going on another small adventure with Bishop Davis.

After helping the High Priests clean the Barrigada Church Saturday morning we ran down to the photo place to buy 4X6's of recent Zone Conferences for the missionaries who attended those events.

About 10:00 am, we met Bishop Davis back at the church and headed southwest to the Merizo area of Guam. While driving, we talked about some of the sites we will be seeing. Since we have been reading the book, "Massacre at Atate", a WWII experience by Jose M Torres (earlier blog), we have been interested in the Faha and Tinta memorials where other massacres occurred.
Elder and Sister Martin at the overlook near Faha cave memorial - Coco's Island is in the background
Unfortunately, we were only able to drive by the Tinta memorial site since it is on private property and would have to arrange in advance somehow.

We did take the short hike (under 2 miles round trip) to Faha cave memorial. Many Guam native Chomorros were massacred here by the Japanese, who occupied Guam for about 2 1/2 years. They believe the Japanese were afraid that this group of people might cause an uprising, as the US forces were just about to land and take back the island.

Bishop Davis checking out a Geo-cache

After Faha, we dropped by a couple of other historic sites in the Merizo area.

Old Merizo Bell tower - Built over 100 years ago.
Priest Pools

The next hike was to Priest Pools. This was even shorter than the last one.

Look out, here comes a drone to spy on us.

Oh, it's only Bishop Davis playing with his Quad-Copter Drone with a Go Pro video camera. 

A bunch of children were jumping and swimming in the largest pool so we looked around at the lower pools.

Bishop Davis brought his quad copter drone, with a camera
Hopefully we will be able to post the video Bishop Davis took of Sister Martin and I from his drone in the sky in a future blog. Fun hobbies.

Gadao's Cave

After Priest pools we drove over to the Southeast side of Guam heading for Gadao's cave. On the way we passed the statue of Chief Gadao. As the story goes, Chief Gadao and Chief Malaguana, from the other side of the island, had a contest to see who was the strongest canoe paddler. They both got in the same canoe, and facing away from each other, and started paddling. After they paddled a while the canoe broke in half, allowing both to go the way they wanted to go, both thinking they won the battle. For the complete story click on this link Legend of Chief Gadao.

Picture of Chief Gadao statue - I posted this picture last May
 So, we took our third short hike of the day. This one was under 1 mile round trip I think.

Sister Martin keeps walkin', even with that torn meniscus.

Down a short jungle trail, turned left, then a short walk along the ocean shelf rocks, near the shoreline and we were there.

Gadao's cave is a shallow cave so flashlights were not needed.

The legend says that some of the writing(petroglyphs) on the wall of Gadao's cave depict the battle of strength between the two chiefs.

Elder and Sister Martin at Gadao's Cave - Thanks Bishop Davis for taking our picture

Guam never ceases to amaze us with it's beautiful variety.

A song helps to sum up our feelings...Click on this link to see and hear the song...
For the Beauty of the Earth

Another beautiful sunset

Off highway 11 near the main port

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