Sunday, March 8, 2015

Shared missionary photos

A few of the missionaries shared with us the following pictures from February & March:

Picture out front of the War in the Pacific Museum - a preparation day activity for part of the Guam Zone

Sister Matisima, Elder Samachy, Elder Kata, Elder Singeo

President Zarbock taught the mission a song called, "What a Great Day".

Elder Singeo

Sister Bulewa, Sister Talakai, Sister Misinale, Sister Davis, Sister Matisima, Sister Muamoholeva, Sister Kuau,Sister David

Elder Samachy, Elder Stanley, Elder Roque (just transferred to Yap)

Sister Bulewa with the Barrigada Ward members and the "Highway Adoption" cleanup

Sister Kuau - Don't use that as a back-scratcher

Sister Kuau, Sister Talakai, Elder Samachy, Elder Tafuna with members

Elder Samachy and Elder Tafuna before a baptism

Elder Stripling, Elder Tafuna - Power nap - The ride to the apartment is only 10 - 15 minutes

Elder Tafuna - After a long day

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