Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sweeping the Beach - Baptism - Leadership Council

Always fun when we can get a good sunset picture to begin a blog

We saw this sunset on a beach in Guam, past the shipping port on Highway 11.

Tanguisson Beach Service Project

Zone Leaders, Senior Couples, Assistants, members and friends with President Zarbock (taking pictures)

Elder Matalolo contacted the Lieutenant Governor's office to ask if there was an area needed for clean-up in Guam. They told him that Tanguisson Beach was it.    

I looked on the web to see if reviews by people visiting the beach expressed a need:

...The park itself seems to be a haven for Guam's recent group of transients during the evening hours. So trash accumulates quickly...

...The sea is beautiful, but the garbage are scattered on the beach...

...Dirty. Everywhere, glass...

Not a great beach, dirty and not the best place...

The reviews showed a great need and a great opportunity to do an activity with members, and less actives. 

A lot of the garbage was difficult to see in the natural vines and bushes.

And definitely, the majority of trash is usually beer cans and beer bottles.


We had another opportunity to attend a two more baptisms at the Barrigada ward. So many wonderful people, taking that first step in following Jesus Christ's example to be baptized by someone holding the proper authority.

Elder Naegle, Elder Matalolo, New members, Sister David, Sister Bulewa

Elder Plocher and Elder Fabiano were witnesses and Elder Matalolo performed the baptism ordinances

The next day they were confirmed members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and blessed to receive the Holy Ghost. Every time I witness this miracle, I feel the peaceful spirit of God testify to me the truth and validity of this ordinance. I know that God lives and accomplishes His work through these faithful, obedient missionaries.

Attended a great Mission Leadership Council Sunday afternoon

Sister Zarbock began the training, followed by President Zarbock. Sister Martin talked about missing baptism records and I spoke of finances.

Elder and Sister Guercio then talked about diet and nutrition, or malnutrition.

Elder Lentz, Elder Telona, Sister Baum and others.
 Sunday night, we met the Zone Leaders and other missionaries at the office to assist with various needs they might have. Most of them fly back to the islands early the next morning.

Elder Johnson, Elder Leeworthy, Elder Matalolo, Elder Taule'alo, Elder Mackie, Elder Waimila, Elder Bunn

Elder Becraft and Elder Plocher in the stock room
On the stock room counter includes various things for the missionaries to take back to the islands like: car parts, a water pump(some houses require pumps to keep the city water flowing), water filters, Book of Mormon copies, pamphlets, prospective missionary forms, check books, cell phones, and more.

Elder Bunn couldn't reach the water filters so Elder Becraft helped out.

Sister Martin helping missionaries with their permits and flight itineraries

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