Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Yigo Baptism, great friends and a Polynesian style show

Sister Martin and I were fortunate to attend a baptism in the Yigo ward. It is a ward North of Guam near Anderson Air Force Base.

Everyone that participated did a great job on this baptism program.
Sister Bulewa led the music and gave a talk on baptism

Elder Stripling about to perform the Baptism ordinance

Elder Arcayan and Elder Dann
Sister Rock, below, is a new missionary that joined the Micronesia Guam Mission this month.

Sister Rock and Sister Muamoholeva

Sister Rock and Sister Muamoholeva shared the story of the restoration of the Priesthood and the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. We were all touched by the spirit which testified of the truth of their words and the powerful testimonies they shared.

Sister Rock playing the closing Hymn, "High on a Mountain Top"
Elder Thomas, senior missionary for military relations, finished off the program with an excellent talk on the Holy Ghost. Since he was asked just before the service began, he called himself a pinch hitter.

We are so blessed to have had the opportunity to attend this amazing baptism. I was told that the young man baptized is of Chamorro decent, which means many of his ancestors are from Guam and Spain. We have met many wonderful people of all backgrounds in Guam.

We had a wonderful family over for dinner last week, the Deeds. Their three years is up for military duty in Guam and are moving to Louisiana. Before Guam they were three years in Alaska.

Marthalina, who went with us and Bishop Davis on many hikes, has joined their family.

Elder and Sister Deeds gave talks in church that really pulled at the heart strings. Brother Deeds gave a talk on Temples and Family history and how their family felt so close to their ancestors in the temple. Sister Deeds gave an amazing talk about keeping a journal and gave several stories about her Grandma's journal and her own. We will miss them a lot. Ward members wanted to take pictures of them at church after they spoke.

Later that night we had an opportunity to go to a dinner and Polynesian show at a military function that Elder and Sister Thomas arranged. President Zarbock was in Pohnpei so Sister Zarbock joined us. Some of their family flew in the next day before the President returned.


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  1. I can't be the only mum who gets sooooo excited when I see photos of my son on blogs. Thank you so much for this. It's great to see Elder Dann in Guam and looking well. It's made my day :)