Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Time for Service to those in need - Romanum and Weno, Chuuk Damage - Typhoon Maysak

Typhoon Maysak caused a lot of damage in Chuuk. As I look at the pictures provided by Elder Hunter and Elder Paulis, I see service and the dedication of many pulling together their resources and strength to rebuild. Very humbling yet inspiring. I pray that we may all learn something from their examples and try a little harder to help one another in whatever big or small way we can.

Weno, Chuuk

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints purchased rice and other supplies from local distributors on Weno, Chuuk to immediately distribute to needy victims of Typhoon Maysak. Missionaries, members and others joined together to make this happen quickly.

Hope those chain saws arrive soon

Missionaries working with local residents to help clear the roadways of fallen trees

Even the basketball stand was blown over

The mission boat washed up on the rocks

Elder Jonas with a concerned look

Romanum, Chuuk

Elder Pitiol with people in Romanum under the roots of this massive tree unearthed by Typhoon Maysak

Elder Hunter thought that the Romanum Branch President's home was spared partly due to the tree on the roof

A great time to reflect on the teachings of Jesus Christ, helping us focus on an eternal perspective amongst so many temporal challenges. 

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