Monday, April 13, 2015

Tanguisson Hike and north to Lost Pond

It was a beautiful Saturday Morning. 

After picking up photos of and for the missionaries, taken at various conferences, we headed north to Tanguisson beach. We planned to meet Elder and Sister Guercio at Tanguisson Beach for another fun hike and a day outdoors. (10:00 am)

Sister Martin just north of Tanguisson beach where we began our hike

Elder and Sister Guercio knew the way. We continued north and could see the unique rock island formations in the distance

Nice photo op 

Elder and Sister Guercio

"Yay - We love Guam - We love serving on a mission", Elder and Sister Martin

Continuing north along the shore

Sister Guercio, Elder Guercio, Sister Martin

Plenty of shells along the shore line 

We hiked along Hila'an beach and found the markers of the trail head to lost pond.

Sister Guercio led the way. A short hike from the beach to Lost Pond.

These are beautiful jungles but don't forget the mosquito spray.

We then headed back south and found the trail-head marker to an ancient Chamorro village.

We saw many Chamorro artifacts such as this ancient Lusong or grinding stone
Then we spotted something moving...

Elder and Sister Martin with the ancient Latte stones
It was early afternoon so we headed back. Need to get back in time so Sister Martin can get ready for the Women's conference this evening.

Here's a map of our journey. Another great day for a hike. It was about 4 - 5 hours total.

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