Sunday, May 31, 2015

A Fast - Yigo Baptisms, Barrigada Baptisms & Talisay Baptism

Our mission has been doing a 40 day fast where everyday, at least two missionaries are fasting. We fasted that the missionaries would be able to find those seeking Jesus Christ in their lives, be blessed with the spirit as they teach, and that through them they may be touched and decide to be baptized or come back and be active in church attendance. Through all of this, we have all felt closer to our Savior, watching the fruits of the labors being performed.

This last weekend, there were so many baptisms on Guam that Sister Martin and I could not attend all of them. We tried, but when some are at the same time it's not possible.

First was the Yigo Ward Baptism on Friday evening.

An amazing Baptism and experience. A young girl and a woman were baptized.
The Sisters showed part of the Restoration video

Sister Rock have fun playing primary songs on the violin. We loved it.

Sister Muamoholeva, the two who were baptized, then Sister Bulewa, Sister Rock and Sister Kuau
Sister Rock played some prelude music with her violin. Her mom just shipped a violin to her. Some of the missionaries in Micronesia have Ukuleles, Guitars and Violins.

Sister Bulewa from Fiji gave a great message and bore a powerful testimony.
We were all lifted and spiritually strengthened. We could feel that the Spirit of the Lord as we listened, watched and prayed. We know these baptism ordinances were performed properly through the authorized Priesthood authority. It has been confirmed to us again and again.

Elder and Sister Thomas singing in the congregation
We walked outside after the baptism and were greeted with a beautiful sunset.

Basketball under the sunset
It was a Friday night so the senior couples decided to check out a little Japanese restaurant called Arashi on our way back home. Bento, shrimp tempura, curry rice, teriyaki chicken. Not bad.

Saturday was the fifth Saturday so the Guam central missionaries all pitched in to clean the Barrigada church building.

That evening we had to make a choice since baptisms were in both the Talisay and Barrigada wards at the same time. So we chose Barrigada and the other couples went to Talisay.

Another amazing experience. Elder Waimila gave a talk on the restoration. He is returning home to Fiji next week.

Elder Murdoch gave a short talk on the gift of the Holy Ghost. See the video clip below.

Sister Kichiro, Elder Waimila and Elder Canakaivata

Elder Fabiano about to perform the baptism ordinance

 A young girl and a young man were baptized. Elder Fabiano and Elder Murdoch have been teaching this young man. Elder Fabiano said this young man was more prepared for baptism than anyone he had yet taught. He had already started to fast and pay his tithing.

Many ward members attended to support the new converts. It was wonderful to see all of them there.

Elder and Sister Thomas touching up the bus stop.

Sister Martin, Sister Thomas and Elder Thomas at the bus stop near our apartment that  the missionaries adopted

Had some great missionaries over for dinner.

Elder Canakaivata and Elder Tafuna joined us

Sister David, Sister Kichiro, Sister Martin, Elder Martin

Monday, May 25, 2015

Talisay Coconut Olympics and Dededo Ward Baptism

On memorial Day 4:00 pm - The Talisay Ward had the "Coconut Olympics"

It's amazing the variety of games that can be done with coconuts. 

Three teams and 120 Coconuts in the circle
The object of the first game was to get your coconuts from the circle to the finish line without walking or running with the coconuts, or letting them touch the ground. We basically handed or tossed them to each other after we spread out in a line. The second game we kicked them all the way to the finish line. 

Elder and Sister Guercio, Elder Holmes and Elder Martin in action

Sister Martin, left, was moving fast and furious

Another game we used a towel to either hold the coconuts or to roll them without letting them touch the ground. The walking on coconuts game was fun and challenging. The older people assisted the younger team members to walk on the coconuts.

Sister Guercio and Elder Holmes

There was a trivia game...

...and then a blind folded game.

The last game allows experienced people to use machetes to chop the top off of the coconuts accessing the juice. Then someone runs with the coconut to the circle and pours the juice into a big cup. The first one to fill their cup, wins.  

Our team was close to winning but ended up in last place, since our machetes were dull. After the event and the announcement of the winners, we enjoyed a nice Chicken BBQ. It was a great flavor/marinade ...mainly Soy Sauce and onions, with a little garlic, vinegar, and Cola soda added.

They had fruit platters from the Navy Base commissary that included Blueberries, Blackberries, Mangos, Pineapple, Red and Green Grapes, Honeydew Melon, Strawberries, Watermelon, Cherries and Oranges. It was a rare sight to see the variety on Guam. 

Last Saturday, the Boy Scouts put on a fundraising spaghetti dinner and desert auction. Good food and a lot of fun. 

Sister Martin made two of her famous "Teddy Bear" bread
After that we headed up for Dededo for an 8:00 pm baptism

It was a wonderful baptism with great messages and testimonies

Sister Baum talked about the Holy Ghost in the video above

Smile Sister Martin and Sister Baum
One of the talks/testimony on baptism was by the sister of the one getting baptized. She spoke truth with her heart, and again, we were touched by the Holy Spirit as if the heavens were opened upon us.

Sister Rock and Sister Muamoholeva talked about the restoration

Elder Taule'alo performed the Baptism Ordinance 

Thank you Heavenly Father for touching our hearts during this amazing evening, blessing all who attended.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial Day weekend in Guam - Asan Beach Memorial

Pictures at Asan Beach

The War in the Pacific National Park Rangers put on a display of flags of those who lost their lives on Guam during WWII. They put up one flag and light for every person. American flags and Guam flags, depending on their origin at the time.

They listed the names on a display.

Elder Thomas began a conversation with a fellow Vietnam veteran. They were talking about the welcome home they received when returning from the war. Elder Thomas had a negative response where this man said on Guam they received a warm and appreciative welcome home. He talked about the sacrifices of young men and the importance of preserving our freedom of rights to speech and religion today.

Sister Thomas and Sister Martin

Quite an inspiring memorial to reflect on those who sacrificed for the cause of freedom.

Perhaps a few sunsets as we reflect and ponder about our loved ones who have gone before us.

Sister Martin's Father, David Sinclair, passed away. 

Grandchild Charlie Hossfield passed away(held by sister Aubrey)
Sister Martin's late husband, Farrell, with children from left, Debbie, Carol and Shannon
Elder Martin's late wife Laura with daughters Stephanie and Kristine

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mother's Day Calls and Lunch with Guam Zone at the Mission Home

P-Day in Guam is Mother's Day/Sunday in the States
...and a great day to call or Video chat via internet with Mothers and family at home

Elder Wright, Elder Siren, Elder Matalolo

Sister Misinale. Elder Holmes online with his family.

Sister Muamoholeva, Sister Ta'ase

Elder Fabiano

Elder Tafuna

Dinner at the Mission Home with Guam Zone

Sister Ta'ase, Sister Aviata, Sister Misinale

Sister Talakai, Elder Matalolo, Elder Arcayan, Elder and Sister Guercio

Elder Waimila, Sister Talakai, Elder Taule'alo, Elder Matalolo, Elder Tafuna, Elder Siren

President Zarbock welcoming Elder Bloxham back, who was away from us for a bit.

Elder Katta, President Zarbock, Elder Canakaivata, Elder Bloxham, Elder Ladore, Elder Guercio

President and Sister Zarbock greeting all of the wonderful missionaries

President and Sister Zarbock love and care about all missionaries in the Micronesia Guam Mission as do we all.

Sister Martin and Sister David

Sister Bulewa (left), joined others for a picture

Elder Wright and Elder Katta have the same color tie
Count our many blessings. We feel so blessed to be here with so many wonderful missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. They are amazing. God is amazing who has blessed us all with these opportunities of a lifetime.