Monday, May 4, 2015

Guam War Dog Memorial, Spanish Steps and Welcome

After a great week in the office, Sister Martin and I enjoyed getting outside for another fantastic P-day. This was one that we have been waiting for.

Our Military couple, Elder and Sister Thomas, arranged for the couples to go to Spanish Steps. This was not easy since it is closed quite frequently due to the navel ships that like to anchor in that bay. But our timing was good and we were blessed with the opportunity and good weather.

We started on a Saturday morning. I wasn't able to take very many pictures because it was quite steep and you had to hold on to rocks and ropes on the way down.

After a 15-20 minute descent down the steep terrain, we reached the flat part of the jungle.

The mosquitoes were quite thick and we didn't put on bug spray. We tried swatting them away. 

We reach an ancient Spanish Well, took a few pics and continued on the hike.

We then reached the ocean which was quite the beautiful site.

After exploring around a while, it started raining, drenching everything we owned, including two cell phones used by us and one other couple. They don't quite work right anymore.

Then we headed back up the mountain.

Sister Martin after climbing one area of the hike that had a ladder.
Next stop was the Guam War Dog Memorial.

Here we learned a little about how dogs sacrificed their lives along with many marines in WWII. Note: The following Monday for FHE, The Thomas's invited us over to watch a documentary on the Guam war dogs.  War Dogs Movie It was a well made film and quite touching.

During this hike, we welcomed a new couple, Elder and Sister Brimhall who will be serving on the island of Yap.

Nearby the War Dog Memorial, these Japanese Prisoner of War Steps remain as a Memorial to Japanese POW's held on the Navy base, showing their excellent masonry skills.

After the war dog memorial, we headed over to a great little restaurant call Mollie Maggie's, an Irish establishment with great sandwiches, fish and chips, and more. It too was located on the Navy Base.

Another excellent day spent with wonderful LDS Senior Couple Missionaries.

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