Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial Day weekend in Guam - Asan Beach Memorial

Pictures at Asan Beach

The War in the Pacific National Park Rangers put on a display of flags of those who lost their lives on Guam during WWII. They put up one flag and light for every person. American flags and Guam flags, depending on their origin at the time.

They listed the names on a display.

Elder Thomas began a conversation with a fellow Vietnam veteran. They were talking about the welcome home they received when returning from the war. Elder Thomas had a negative response where this man said on Guam they received a warm and appreciative welcome home. He talked about the sacrifices of young men and the importance of preserving our freedom of rights to speech and religion today.

Sister Thomas and Sister Martin

Quite an inspiring memorial to reflect on those who sacrificed for the cause of freedom.

Perhaps a few sunsets as we reflect and ponder about our loved ones who have gone before us.

Sister Martin's Father, David Sinclair, passed away. 

Grandchild Charlie Hossfield passed away(held by sister Aubrey)
Sister Martin's late husband, Farrell, with children from left, Debbie, Carol and Shannon
Elder Martin's late wife Laura with daughters Stephanie and Kristine

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  1. Really neat memorial and thoughts of those of those who are not here with us.