Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mother's Day Calls and Lunch with Guam Zone at the Mission Home

P-Day in Guam is Mother's Day/Sunday in the States
...and a great day to call or Video chat via internet with Mothers and family at home

Elder Wright, Elder Siren, Elder Matalolo

Sister Misinale. Elder Holmes online with his family.

Sister Muamoholeva, Sister Ta'ase

Elder Fabiano

Elder Tafuna

Dinner at the Mission Home with Guam Zone

Sister Ta'ase, Sister Aviata, Sister Misinale

Sister Talakai, Elder Matalolo, Elder Arcayan, Elder and Sister Guercio

Elder Waimila, Sister Talakai, Elder Taule'alo, Elder Matalolo, Elder Tafuna, Elder Siren

President Zarbock welcoming Elder Bloxham back, who was away from us for a bit.

Elder Katta, President Zarbock, Elder Canakaivata, Elder Bloxham, Elder Ladore, Elder Guercio

President and Sister Zarbock greeting all of the wonderful missionaries

President and Sister Zarbock love and care about all missionaries in the Micronesia Guam Mission as do we all.

Sister Martin and Sister David

Sister Bulewa (left), joined others for a picture

Elder Wright and Elder Katta have the same color tie
Count our many blessings. We feel so blessed to be here with so many wonderful missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. They are amazing. God is amazing who has blessed us all with these opportunities of a lifetime.

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